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Shalicious Empire Sdn Bhd / Nurdini Amirah Ab Ghani. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Food safety attitudes of food hygiene and sanitation oriented program students / graduates at Higher Learning Institutions (IPT) / Mohd Onn Rashdi Abd Patah, Zuraini Mat Issa @ Zakaria and Khamis Mohammad Nor. (2009) [Research Reports] (Unpublished)

Fruithiees Food Truck / Mohd Azrul Abd Rajak ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Alive Cafe / Aini Nadhirah Abd Razak ...[et al.]. (2023) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

#Rasta Cafe / Norsyameera Anisah Abd. Rahman ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Daebak Café / Nur Athirah Binti Abdul Rahman ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300 : HotSandwichPort Cafe/ Mohd Fitri Abdul Taib... [et al.]. (2018) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship ETR300 Sate Kita Cafe / Aimi Athirah Abdullah... [et al.]. (2019) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Starduck Roasted Cafe / Mohd Ebdazief Abrahim ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Rancangan Perniagaan Asas Keusahawanan (ETR300): Restoran Sri Kasih / Zumaya Abu Samah … [et al.]. (1998) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Troots Cafe (food and beverages)/ Noraina Fatihah Affendi … [et al.]. (2019) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Bridal Cafe / Mohammed Faiz Afifi ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Afro's Kitchen Restaurant / Ag Mohd Haddy Muhaizan Ag Yusop ... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

La' Vegan Cafe / DK Anis Syaifa Ah Lahap @ Ag Syairin ... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Kopikawan Cafe / Azhan Ahmad... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sweet House Cupcake / Maslinah Ahmad... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

MKA 1991 Tomyam / Fatin Nursyuhada Ahmad Kamil ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Suzana’s Roti Canai / Norizzah Atirah Ahmad Syihabuddin. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Dewan Makan / Amanina Khairunnisa Ahmad Zaidi … [et al.]. (2018) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Pasta Street / Nur Adlina Ahmadani. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Carstenz cafe / Ammar Hakim Aidi ...[et al.]. (2023) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental Of Entrepreneurship (ENT300) Business Model Canvas (BMC) : Bibimbap Kitchen / Nurul Syahirah Akmal Aziz. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Food Box / Blaise Marc Ali ... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300: Planet Satay Cafe/ Azria Ali Yaman ... [et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Owl Ways / Joydee Ambrose ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Starbucks Coffee Company: coffee cafe company / Muhammad Aliff Aminuddin ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Unique Resto / Nur Karim Amram ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Al-Haura Arabic Kopitiam / Amar Iskandar Anuar. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Gemu' Coffee Cafe / Muhammad Azuan Anuar. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (ENT300) case study on Duo Cookies Cakes / Mohd.Mahizan Anwar …[et al.]. (2012) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sulap Do Taakanon / Shazwan Arbine... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Yong Tau Foo & Oden Station / Nor Atikah Asmaa Aripen. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300: Sulaman Laundry and Cafe Enterprise / Arshad Masdin ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Moving Waffle Enterprise / Ahmad Taufiq Ashmar... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Go'bang Maju Patin Tempoyak / Aizat Syafiq Asmadi. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Belle Vie' Café (Café) / Athirah Abdul Aziz ... [et al.]. (2019) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sweet Tooth Cupcakes Co. / Rozaini Awang ... [et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Bola-Bola Cafe / Muhd Faiz Awang More ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (ENT300) : Meister Burger Food And Beverages (Service Oriented) / Dayangku Asmah Awang Osman … [et al.]. (2019) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The House of Desserts / Awang Aznil Awang Zainudin ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

La' Amor Cake House / Mohd Azree Azeman ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

17th Street Fork & Knife / Ahmad Zulhakim Azhar … [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Redefining Malay Food in the Post Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (NEP) / Abd. Razak Aziz and Awang Azaman Awang Pawi. (2016) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts (JTHCA), 8 (2). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1985-8914 , 2590-3837

The Cafeteria Diaries / Iffa Nadia Azlan ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The gadis restaurant : food and beverages / Nur Haslinda Azmi ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Nurfa Bakery & Cake House / Nur Nadia Azmi. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)


Customers acceptance and usage, purchase behaviour and post purchase behaviour of self- ordering kiosk technology in quick-service restaurants: moderating roles of perceived safety risk and age generation / Noradzhar Baba. (2021) PhD thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

Self-ordering kiosk usage and post-purchase behaviour in quick service restaurant / Noradzhar Baba, Aslinda Mohd Shahril and Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah. (2020) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts (JTHCA), 12 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1985-8914 ; 2590-3837

Blast Society / Ahmad Tarmizi Bacho ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Eat Me Café / Nur’atiqah Baharudeen. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Wakey Cafe / Farhan Baharudin... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Hitozuki Japanese Restaurant / Norhatija Basharudin ... [et al.]. (2003) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

What makes customer satisfied? investigating the role of restaurant attributes at Malay food restaurants/ Muhammad ‘Arif Aizat Bashir ... [et al.]. (2022) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, 14 (1). pp. 74-84. ISSN 1985-8914 ; 2590-3837

Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (ENT300) : case study Chill out Lounge / Mohamad Hafiez Busra…[et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


D'Arepiz Kitchen / Ahmad Izham Che Daud. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Factor influence halal fast food : case study on Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) at Kota Bharu, Kelantan / Norhasana Suzima Che Noh. (2012) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Trying out new cafes in town: assessing the impact of physical environment on visit intention / Chong Ka Leong. (2018) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, 10 (2). pp. 35-46. ISSN 1985-8914 ; 2590-3837

Searching for the authentic: foodservice at a medieval banquet / Cate Clifford ... [et al.]. (2009) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts (JTHCA), 1 (1). pp. 48-64. ISSN 1985-8914 , 2590-3837


ENT 300 : Manga Cafe / Noor Ikhlas Dahlan ... [et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Eatty Bitty Fruits / Elvina Darius … [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

SF Cake House / Daniatay Donih ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Nasken coffee / Mohamed Aiman Dzikri. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Bugis Cuisine Restaurant / Dzulkhairul Ridwan Dzulkarnain ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


77 Pesto / Azeem F. Wethmar Elias ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Patisserie / Stepenny Eric Sungkit ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Frozen Parlour / Cyrina Eve ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Coffee Culture / Joanna Marie Faurillo ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Lemonde / Keneddy Junior Felis ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Chillax Cafe / Faez Felix ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

D char kuey teow : char kuey teow / Muhammad Zaeif Fahim Fuzaimi ...[et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Health Hut / Hairon Gagau ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

6MH Fish's Enterprise / Muhd Izzuddin Ganih... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Emotional Labour: A Case of Fast Food Employees in Klang Valley, Malaysia / Hazrina Ghazali ... [et al.]. (2015) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts (JTHCA), 7 (1). pp. 16-31. ISSN 1985-8914 , 2590-3837


ENT 530 Business Model Canvas: TNL Cafe / Iman Karmilla Hairul Rizal ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 530 Case Study: TNL Cafe / Iman Karmilla Hairul Rizal ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Serunding Borneo / Mohammad Sufri Shareen Hajibun ... [et al.]. (2012) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Burger terbang / Muhammad Hafizz Asyraf Hamizul, Aiman Qayyum Mohd Ali Hanifiah and Ammar Shahmy Abdul Aziz. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 300: Case Study : Mikael Signature @ Restoran Ore Kampung / Nurul Syazwani Hamsani. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 300 : Case Study : Mudim Zakaria Food Industries Sdn. Bhd / Nayli Hafizah Hamuda Azhar. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Nasken Coffee / Siti A'eshah Hanapi. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship (ENT300) Hype Laundry Cafe / Rahman Hashim ...[et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

A study on students' perceptions of quality for cafeteria services in Kota Samarahan higher learning institution/ Siti Afeiza Hasim. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Fizzy Drink / Nor Nadia Hassan. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Medan Warisan Makanan / Nor Nadia Hassan. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Gelatiamo / Nurul Ai'dah Hassan ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Best Cendol Café / Nur Farazulaikha Hussin. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Case Study : Best Cendol Cafe / Nur Farazulaikha Hussin. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Measuring perceived service quality of Halal food restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / Mohd Shahrul Eshyan Ibnu Rasid. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Food hygiene practices among food handlers of food truck in Malaysia / Nur Izzati Ibrahim & Noorizzati Ismail. (2017) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The development of menu ordering system using RF module / Saiful Fahmy Idham. (2009) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

Bianglala Café / Nur Elya Natrah Bing Irwan Sutno … [et al.]. (2022) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Warung Kita / Nur Affina Iskandar Mustafa Kamal. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Jelly Joy Shop / Noor Hasniza Ismail ... [et al.]. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Case study : Kaori Cha / Balqis Husna Jaffar. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ETR300 : Masam Manis Dessert Enterprise / Amira Nur'ain Jasmi... [et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Flower Café Enterprise / Nur Athirah Jesmani ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Salade Du Jour / Julianah John ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Deli / Jayson Johnius ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Le' Locals / Joyne Christie Juanis ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sabah Ethnic Food Sdn Bhd / Alvin Damien Juis ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Borracho Cafe / Joanne Julius ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Teppanyaki: satu kajian pengurusan restoran Jepun dan masa depannya / Mohd. Jasmin Julpin … [et al.]. (1985) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Marvellous Restaurant / Jasekah Jusipin ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


F.E.M.E.S Cafe / Mohd Effeyzan Kadir ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Edlee Food Services / Nur Imanina Nuwairah Kamalula. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Food and Service Products Company / Ahmad Kusyaryman Kamaruddin. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

ENT 530 Business Model Canvas: Sri Mutiara Restaurant / Ainin Sofiya Kamarulzaman ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Chillaundry / Khairul Aiman Kamaruzaman ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sri Teratai Cake House / Muhammad Rusydan Kamaruzaman. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Banana King / Abu Sopian Karate ... [et al.]. (2011) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Ole Soccer Restaurant / Edi Rizal Kassim ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Voceland Cafe / Nur Adeira Kassim ... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Kancil Raja Patin Temerloh / Muhammad Ammar Raziq Khairi. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Meraki Cafe / Aleesa Natrah Khairul Anuar ...[et al.]. (2022) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Harry Potter's Bistro / Edna George Komijol ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental Of Entrepreneurship (Ent 300) Pandora Box / Yean Laura Kunyir…[et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nacholicious / Natasya Qairunnisa Laili ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Alam Mesra Drive Thru / Leornado Laurence ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Galore Ice Cream / Emilliah Lawrence ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Roti John Cafe / Richanlee Handrus Lidaun ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Bubble G-Tea Business Proposal / Arnysharol Yene Livingstone ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Cafe Bah!: Nasi 7 benua with ice lemonade / Muhd Azhar M Ikhsan ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Ninja Burger / Alia Syafika Mahazer. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Technology -Based Business Idea Blueprint : JAL-JA Restaurant / Siti Nur Athirah Adibah Maiddin. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Mini World Restaurant / Almaida Majal ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Double Puff Cafe / Syairazi Majid ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Library Cafe / Elshabiana Marahim ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Roskhin Pancakes Enterprise / Mohd. Karnain Masbati ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Delicansee Enterprise / Remie Masnawi ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Chill Café / Nuruljannah Khairah Mat Jamil ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of social media in promoting small restaurant from the customer perspectives: Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang / Rossyamila Mat Kassim & Norshahidah Musa. (2017) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Proposed new design scheme for Cadbury Cafe at Lot C21-C, Park Mall, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur / Shazleen Md Affandi. (2007) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Dio Cafe / Nurul Arwani Md. Zain ... [et al.]. (2016) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Kopi & kreme cafe / Ainin Sofiya Mohamad ...[et al.]. (2022) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Ghibli Coffee / Amira Syakira Mohamad. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Case study: The Street Café Janda Baik / Hannan Emir Mohamad Arrif Emir ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Restaurant attributes on customer satisfaction and behaviour intention: a case study of San Francisco Coffee / Ahmad Azwan Mohamad Fakhrur. (2016) Masters thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

Pork free restaurants attributes, muslim customers trust and satisfaction, re-patronization and dissemination of information / Mohamad Izham Mohamad Haroun. (2015) Masters thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

Abang Joe Western / Muhamad Haziq Mohamad Razali ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The effect of restaurant environment on social dining behaviour in fine dining restaurant / Muhammad Shazwan Mohamad Rosli. (2021) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (Kampus Puncak Alam).

ENT530 : Case Study: Abang Coffee / Syamim Najiha Mohamad Sahibullah ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Paradise Bakery & Cafe / Nur Nadirah Mohamad Salam. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Paradise Bakery & Café / Nur Nadirah Mohamad Salam. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Cafe De Libra / Mohamad Nadzrin Mohamad Zainurin ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Determinants of satisfaction among customer in “MAMAK” restaurant near KLCC / Nurfatihah Mohamad Zulkifflee. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Determinants of satisfaction among customer in “Mamak” restaurant near KLCC / Nurfatihah Mohamad Zulkifflee. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300 : The Owls Destination Cafe / Zulfahrina Mohamed Hazri ... [et al.]. (2010) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Frissito Helse Cafe / Mohamed Azeem Mohamed Joeharry ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Lecturers’ perception toward students entrepreneurial attitudes / Nur Huda Mohammad Tohar & Nur Suhaila Amira Shafee. (2018) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Momom Cafe / Nurfatin Mohammed Yunus ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Coffee Blossom / Nurul Syahirah Mohd 'Azam ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The awareness of knowledge, attitudes and practices on food hygiene among food handlers in school canteen in Dungun, Terengganu / Nur Bazilah Mohd Adam & Nor Fadhilah Mohamed. (2017) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 300 : Aero Lounge Cafe / Aisya Nur Adlina Mohd Adlee ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Pak Tam’s Nasi Ayam / Nur Iman Athirah Mohd Asri. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Balqis Bakery / Nurul Nadiah Mohd Asri. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Business Plan : Beany Cafe / Muhammad Qayyum Mohd Azman …[et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Systematic space planning for record store with additional pleasant cafe area / Farahumi Mohd Fadzil. (2021) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (Kampus Puncak Alam).

Gusto’so Pizzeria Restaurant / Muhammad Fahmi Hakimi Mohd Faizal ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Frittzy Cafe / Muhammad Faiq Irfan Mohd Farid ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Rich and Pour / Muhammad Saifuladli Mohd Ghazali, Muhammad Amir Mohamad Asri and Khairul Adam Suhimi Abdullah. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Transkrip wawancara bersama Puan Suriana Bt Hamzah Pengusaha Restoran By-T Laksam / Muhamad Azim Mohd Idris and Muhammad Noor Abdullah Abdul Razak. (2018) Oral History Report. Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kelantan. (Submitted)

Heaven Sushi Restaurant / Mohd Noor Fikri Mohd Isa ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Manis By Idayu / Nurul Khalis Mohd Kamsol. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Hex Burger / Nurul Najihah Mohd Khairul Azahari ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Burger legacy / Amirul Afandi Mohd Khazahir ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Ku Anis Cake and Bakery / Nabila Hanim Mohd Mohamadiah. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Fundamentals of entrepreneurship (ENT300) : case study on 1989 Grande Coffee House / Mohd Iqbal Mohd Rahim. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Selection attributes of Korean restaurant based on customer satisfaction and loyalty/ Nurul Shahiera Mohd Raihan ... [et al.]. (2022) Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, 14 (1). pp. 53-73. ISSN 1985-8914 ; 2590-3837

ENT 300 : Hybis Geoteok Cafe / Intan Nur Ain Mohd Rozaidy ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Kedai Kek Cinta Dungun HQ / Nurul Nurfarahin Abd Majid ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Pizza Liza Restaurant / Nur Atiqah Shahirah Mohd Sakri. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Dazss donut and coffee / Mas Alia Mohd Salleh. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Juice Paradise / Nurkhairunnisa Mohd Salleh ... [et al.]. (2011) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: The Chief's Restaurant / Muhammad Riza Mohd Shafe'e. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Okami Cafe / Aaron Iskandar Mohd Shamir... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Case Study : Baker Brothers Cafe / Ain Nazira Mohd Tahir. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Ziq Bakery / Nazifa Naili Mohd Zaidi. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Mf Delicious Ice Cream Café / Nur Zafirah Auni Mohd Zamri. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Pau Licious Café / Muhammad Akmal Muhamad Hamzah ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Roti nan (Nan.Co) / Muhammad Faruq Muizuddin ... [et al.]. (2019) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Star Receipe Restaurant / Alwie Shafiq Muhammad Khairil ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Drip and Brew Cafe / Nur Shafini Muhammad Yusof ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project]

Case Study : Smiling Orchid Bakery & Cake / Nur Ayunni Mukri. (2020) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

Chocolate and Cheese Cake Maven / Nordiah Muluyu ... [et al.]. (2014) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Sayaka Comic Cafe / Mohd Alif Muntil ... [et al.]. (2013) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

The use of HACCP in temperature control of food storage in the refrigerator and freezer / Aisahatikah Mustafa. (2012) [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Fruitable / Nelly Stephanie Nawari ... [et al.]. (2015) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Walkstreet Cafe / Sazuan Zazarina Nawawi ... [et al.]. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Food safety knowledge, attitude and practices of food handlers in foodservice establishment at tourism attractions in Terengganu / Norzaidah Ngali, Norazlina Rahmat & Noralisa Ismail. (2013) [Research Reports] (Unpublished)

CakeEat / Nik Anis Syuhada Nik Abdul Aziz. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)

KB Saudagar Kentang / Bella Antasha Nik Azhar. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Awareness of local food handlers towards food hygiene: a study on local food premise in UiTM Dungun and surrounding areas / Nik Nur Halmemi Nik Mohd Halmi & Nurul Izatul Akmal Abdul Rahman. (2016) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Umu Bakeshop / Farah Nabilah Noor Hisham. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Mun Coffee / Nur Dayana Batrisya Nor Azha. (2022) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Case Study : Cofeeland Sdn. Bhd. / Nur Azmina Husna Noraminasrun. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Merah Jambu Dessert & Café / Nurfarahdiba Nordin ... [et al.]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Surprise Café 4 U / Nurfarahdiba Nordin ... [et. al]. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Eatneat / Nur Anis Athirah Nozman. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


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