Voceland Cafe / Nur Adeira Kassim ... [et al.]

Kassim, Nur Adeira and Jimmy, Noor Lyssa and Abd Aziz, Farah Zila and Hassim, Nurhasra and Lian Soi, Salfarijah (2017) Voceland Cafe / Nur Adeira Kassim ... [et al.]. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Our business is based on partnership where it consists of five members. Our total contribution is RM90 000 as our capital for this business purpose. VoceLand Cafe will offer a range of foods and drinks that using main ingredient, fruits. Our cafe is located at Imago Shopping Mall. Our target market customers are general which is come from all different level of ages. Many people like drink and eat sweet foods product but VoceLand Cafe will provide much healthier options that will assist in the competitive advantage. Fruits provide a lot of nutrients and health benefits. Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories-none have cholesterol. All people know, with consume fruits in our daily life; it will help to reduce risk to get disease such as heart disease. Therefore, based on our observation and survey, we have decided to create VoceLand Cafe in order to encourage people to consume more fruits in the easy way. Based on the summary above, we are venturing into food and beverages industry. VoceLand Cafe strategy is to shows people that VoceLand Cafe have excellent product, rich of healthier foods and drinks and give benefits to the community in term of health. To execute on this strategy, VoceLand Cafe also will be located at shopping area that can attract many customers. Besides, VoceLand Cafe set the price of foods and beverages that are provided with affordable price to our customers.


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