User Guide

Accessing Fulltext

  1. Who can download the fulltext?
    All user may download the fulltext for certain item types

  2. What types of document that has fulltext available?
    Fulltext that available online (in the repository) are :
    - Articles
    - Conference / Workshuop Item
    - Video
    - Book
    - Audio
    - Teaching Resources

    However, others are available offline at UiTM Library Terminal Workstation are:
    - Thesis
    - Student Project
    - Entreneurship Project
    - Research Reports

  3. Does all records is fulltext available?
    Fulltext is available at 2 format. Digital and physical (on library shelves). User may check at Fulltext column to identify available format.

    Bilik Koleksi Terhad | Campuses is indicate that the item is physically availabe on shelve at the mentioned campuses while Library Terminal Workstation is indicate that the item digitally available at librar terminal workstation at any UiTM Libraries.

  4. How to access the fulltext?
    For online, you may download from the website. Others (offline), you may need to visit any UiTM Library for using the Terminal Workstation.

  5. Can i have the copy of the fulltext?
    NO, you can't.

  6. I see iconĀ , that does that mean?
    It mean the item has the digital copy and acessible at any UiTM Libraries.

  7. Some thesis don't have the icon, why?
    Because the item is not yet digitized. You may request it here.

Requesting Fulltext Digitization

Some report was on physical form and on the shelf at the library where it belong. However, it can be digitized to make it available at any UiTM Library through a terminal workstation.

Request Here with MyKM