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Book Section

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Student Project

Marketing strategies in small firms: how far do small medium industries understand the marketing concept? / Shafiza Ab Sani. (2004) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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Determinations of millennial impulse online purchase decision: a case of UiTM Kampus Melaka student’s / Muhammad Nur Akmal Bachok @ Akib. (2018) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Mustajab / Anis Athierah Bahari. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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Preferences towards international luxury apparels among Generation Y from the perspective of the university students / Mohd Azif Fahmi Dahari and Nurul Adibah Izza Zuhairi. (2016) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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The potential of Kinabalu Hostel as part of core business of Sabah Sport Board / Mohd Hanif Haris. (2011) [Student Project] (Submitted)

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Effectiveness of marketing communication program by Zoo Taiping and Night Safari / Siti Nuraznie Ibrahim. (2004) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of integrated marketing communication used by UMW Pennzoil Distribution Sdn Bhd Shah Alam in promoting lubricant oil / Azizah Ismail. (2012) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Virtual store vs physical store: factors of customers to choose online shopping rather than physical store / Mohd Edzhar Jaafar. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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A study relationship between advertising, word of mouth and experience perspective with customer purchase intention in Kota Kinabalu / Nor Nikma Jamil. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of marketing tools toward the student recruitment implemented in Kiara College / Siti Nurliyana Syairah Jamil. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on the effectiveness of Yayasan Sabah Market News Scan (MNS) for forest products in disseminating market information to it's subscribers / Joy Hardey Javil. (2008) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Peranan syarikat penerbangan MAS dalam meningkatkan industri pelancongan di Sabah / Soni Joikon. (1992) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Online repurchase intention of lipstick among female consumer / Katrina Jonathan. (2016) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Tourism based on nature : The Kota Kinabalu experience / Juinen Jullan... [et al.]. (2004) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Addressing the issues affecting LKIM's promotional strategy to attract fishermen in Papar to use the pasar nelayan facilities / Welsie Jusih Bari. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study of customer satisfaction on Mazda at Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad / Shahrul Akmal Kamaruddin. (1997) [Student Project] (Submitted)

The customer awareness towards marketing campaign of Denai Alam Residentials in Shah Alam / Rahah Kamarudin. (2006) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of promotional tools toward society awareness of LA 21 (Local Agenda 21) done by Jempol District Council / Nor Ezlin Maaseh. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of promotion mix in commercializing rubber leaves handicraft / Azilahani Mahamad Rabaai. (2009) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on personal selling element as a factors contribute to successful wealth planner in Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad Melaka / Muhammad Rofikhi Malik Ridzwan. (2009) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Tourism marketing in Sabah: A study on Kinabalu Park as a leisure and holiday destination for domestic tourist market / Gua Hui B Manak. (2002) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on the effectiveness UMS Link Holdings promotion strategies in Kota Kinabalu / Siti Syazwini Masri. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Personality of international celebrity effectiveness towards Celcom Axiata advertisement / Nur Zaratul Afni Mat Lazim and Zati Izni Shapuan. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study of effective marketing strategies on hand tuft carpet product towards individual consumer end - market / Intan Syafinaz Mat Shafie. (1999) [Student Project] (Submitted)

Customers' product choices and dealers' decision to carry Faiza's product and its relationship with product attributes (in Central and Southern of Peninsular Malaysia) / Noorezati Md Noksen. (2004) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Applications of the marketing mix in the operations of three selected kiosks in the Polytechnic Kota Kinabalu / Marielan Michael. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Bubblelab laundry / Noor Fatihah Mohamad. (2020) [Student Project]

A study on Muslim customer satisfaction towards halal certificate issue at kopitiam (Oldtown White Coffee outlet in Seberang Jaya, Seberang Perai, Penang) / Mohamad Saharulazrin Mohamad Nor. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Readers' perception and acceptance level towards New Straits Times (NST) compact version at Klang Valley / Rashidah Mohamad Ramli. (2006) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Miker Pizza / Muhammad Syahmi Mohamad Sanusi. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on the effectiveness of promotion mix activities practiced by Pusat Zakat Melaka and impacts on zakat collection in Malacca / Norzilla Mohammad Aripin. (2011) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Abaro / Nor Zhafira Adlina Mohammad Mazani. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Luncai Emas Sdn. Bhd / Muhammad Adam Daniel Mohammad Zawawi. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The study on the profile of market niche of Penang Golf Resort Berhad in meeting customer needs / Maziharita Mohamood. (1999) [Student Project] (Submitted)

The impact of celebrity endorsement on customers buying behaviour towards millennials in Melaka Tengah / Farith Azizi Mohayyaddin Abdul Kader. (2018) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The attitude of female students towards online shopping / Aizatul Aqilah Mohd Latib. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effects of marketing mix strategies on car buyers' satisfaction (a case of Pantai Bharu Holdings Sdn. Bhd.) / Mohd Nahar Faiz Mohd Nasir. (2007) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Parabella Ice Cream Durian Flavor / Halimatussaadiah Mohd Pahame. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Marketing strategies to attract new unit holders to invest in Amanah Saham Bumiputera Scheme (Akaun Remaja) / Norhaslin Mohd Yusof. (1998) [Student Project] (Submitted)

The effectiveness of product strategies in positioning Perodua Sdn Bhd as preffered brand among car purchasers / Nuraini Mohd Yusof. (2008) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of Plusmiles loyalty program for Plusmiles card in enhancing customer awareness / Mohd Azrul Syafiq Mohd Zikri. (2010) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Customers perception towards marketing programs of POSLAJU: Klang Valley area / Nor Marini Mohtar. (2007) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

MITC challenges in promoting its services via Asia Pacific incentive & meeting expo in Melbourne, Australia / Noorhidayu Musa. (2010) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

An empirical study of customer loyalty towards Islamic private pre-school: Tadika Cinta Bestari Enterprise / Lily Muliana Mustafa. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of wakalah marketing for investment products : case study of CIMB wealth advisor / Nur Suhada Mustapha. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The level of awareness on social marketing through recycling among students in public universities at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah / Silla Nasip. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Factors contributing to the poor acceptance of non-Muslims towards Takaful Malaysia products: a study on promotional strategy / Erlia Nasir. (2006) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study of convenience store attributes in influencing customers’ patronage intention / Nuranisah Nizar. (2016) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Cat Signature Cafe / Noor Farhani Noor Hizam. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Sinwah Ice Cream Potong / Muhammad Syazwan Nor Azmi. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice / Nor Shahril Aidil Nor Eddie. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of promotional tools in enhancing customer awareness towards Bulatan Mekar Sdn Bhd / Norsyakira Norman. (2009) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The influence of brand awareness towards customer decision: a study of The Body Shop beauty care products / Dk Nur Azera Pg Abdullah. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on the contributing factor that influence the effectiveness of the selling up TM Point package affecting customer conversion rate / Dk Nurul Atiqah Pg Othman. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on customers perception towards service quality provided by Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd / Jodie Kessy Primus. (2008) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on effective management practices to overcome management challenges faced by homestay operators in West Coast area in Sabah / Paul Canigea Pungut. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy for inflatable boats / Raja Siti Zalina Raja Ali. (1999) [Student Project] (Submitted)

The Lubokx Restaurant / Nor Athirah Ramli. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The impact of niche marketing strategies on marketing performance / Muhd Naim Razali. (2008) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The effectiveness of using local sabahan language in delivering message to consumer through radio advertisement / Mohd Fakhri Razalle. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

A study of fast food restaurants sales promotional tools preferred by university students / Ogilvy Richard. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Habhal Cap Kipas Udang Chili Sauce / Md Effizal Rizzman. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The information and communication technology (ICT) as a marketing tool at the Telekom Training College Sarawak / Patricia Robert Tasser. (2003) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Influence of celebrity endorsement on purchase intention toward smartphones among Gen Y / Rusydee Aqim Roslam. (2018) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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Factors that contribute to the effectiveness of Perodua customer retention program / Norfa'izah Safaruddin. (2007) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Brand image: how the advertisers look at Harian Metro newspaper as the right advertising media to advertise products or services / Muhamad Kasuma Said. (1999) [Student Project] (Submitted)

The impact of marketing mix on consumers selection : a study of bath soap preference / Nur Azimah Saripin. (2014) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Al - Ikhsan / Ammarul Eddrie Shah. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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A study on factors influencing purchases of houses among Bumiputera buyers / Noreen Yoep Ahmad. (2006) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

The impact of internal marketing concept towards staff performance at Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) Sabah / Siti Norjanah Yunos. (2015) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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The effectiveness of marketing communications tools used by MPSJ in order to attract the residents to join the JKP / Zalifah Zulkifly. (2004) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Entrepreneurship Project

Intelligent multipurpose vacuum cleaner / Nurul Annur Syarqiah Aminu'din ... [et al.]. (2017) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Entrepreneurship : Riders Marketing / Nor Aini Hassanuddin ... [et al.]. (2002) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Entrepreneurship : Seri Kraf / Nor Izyan Musawir ... [et al.]. (2007) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Case Study : Secret Recipe / Mohamad Naqib Syahrin Nasran. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Entrepreneurship : Halwamanis / Nor Atiqah Saliman ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Business Opportunity : JMango Sdn. Bhd. / Ahmad Nurfadzli Yahaya. (2021) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Entrepreneurship : Krep-Krep Enterprise / Muhammad Firdaus Zabidi ... [et al.]. (2009) [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)

Research Reports

A study on the dynamic relations between macro economic variables and stock market performance / Huzaimi Hussain, Jaafar Pyeman and Mohd. Mokhtar Ghani. (2005) [Research Reports] (Unpublished)

An analysis of Malaysian cuisine, food production and culture program / Mohd Hairi Jalis, Deborah Che and Kevin Markwell. (2020) [Research Reports] (Submitted)

The relationship of active teaching and learning approach with entrepreneurial intention and interest / Nik Fakrulhazri Nik Hassan, Anita Md. Shariff & Zaleha Mohamad. (2010) [Research Reports] (Submitted)

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