Revitalization of Old Township, Little India, Ipoh / Nurul Maizatul Akmar Omarzaki

Omarzaki, Nurul Maizatul Akmar (2021) Revitalization of Old Township, Little India, Ipoh / Nurul Maizatul Akmar Omarzaki. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


Revitalization is defined as the ability of many parties including revitalization, restoration, reconstruction, modernization, and actions aimed at reviving buildings, areas, or cities that have been destroyed in various aspects, as well as economic and social. In the tourism sector, this revitalization change to a tourist area is very important to do. A study has been done on revitalization that is the Revitalization of the Old Town, Little India in Ipoh. This study focuses on several problems and issues related to revitalization in this area which cover aspects of attraction, development, and scenery. To achieve the purpose of this study, there are several objectives that have been listed to revive this old city. It is influenced by several tourism and economic factors for this area which can make this Little India a more attractive tourist destination than ever before. For this study there are one (1) methods used that is observation in visual form (Google Earth). The results of the study method as well as from RKK Pekan Ipoh show that this place should be revived from the attractions, facilities, and development. These elements should be enhanced to revitalize the tourism area of Little India for the better. At the end of this research, some suggested suggestions such as landscaping areas are upgraded for the future, as well as raising the attraction element to drive the number of visitors to this place.


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