Relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty towards ASNB services in Kuala Lumpur / Siti Nazirah Omar

Omar, Siti Nazirah (2006) Relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty towards ASNB services in Kuala Lumpur / Siti Nazirah Omar. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, unit trust is one of the investments involving the consumers. There are so many competitors in the industry especially from the bank institutions. In this regard, ASNB has a crucial and challenging task in monitoring as well as measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty towards its services performance. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to ascertain the investors' level of satisfaction and loyalty towards ASNB services and to determine the relationship between the two variables. The researcher has used the cognitive (perception) and affective (feeling) components to measure the investors level of satisfaction. There are four service marketing variables (services and service product, people, physical evidence and process) under the cognitive component. , Besides, two attributes that measured loyalty are repurchasing intention and recommending to others. Furthermore, the population for this research is the investors of ASNB unit trust which comprises 5, 536, 937 people. The target population is Malaysian people that do any transactions at the main counter of ASNB in Kuala Lumpur from 6th March 2006- 15th March 2006. The sample size of this study is 100 respondents. The study involves descriptive research in order to describe the characteristics of variables chosen. Moreover, the non-probability sampling has been chosen by the researcher to conduct this study. The statistical techniques that used to analyze the data are reliability test, frequency distribution and Pearson correlation coefficient. From the findings it can be concluded that most of the investors are satisfied, happy and loyal towards ASNB services. Therefore, it is clearly seen that satisfaction has a direct relationship with loyalty.


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