Consumers' acceptance of locally produced snack-Agromas (chip ubi kayu) / Norfariza Nordin

Nordin, Norfariza (2006) Consumers' acceptance of locally produced snack-Agromas (chip ubi kayu) / Norfariza Nordin. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


This research is to study the consumers' awareness of locally produced snack Agromas-Chip Ubi Kayu in Melaka Area. It contains 5 topics. His study completed after a research has taken place in the period of four month. Chapter one is the introduction of a study as a whole. It contains the background of study that concentrated on the observation of consumers' acceptance of locally produced snack. This chapter also provides the problem and the reason of the selecting field. This product has potential to expand their market size, especially if there is improvement in promotion tools. This area of the study focuses on consumers around Malacca area. This study has to be done because it helps FAMA to know deeply about consumer's acceptance towards it Agromas-Chip Ubi Kayu product. In term of significant of study, this study will help FAMA to recognize the acceptance of consumer and the purchasing behavior towards Agromas-Chip Ubi Kayu. So, it will help FAMA to find out solution for this kind of problem. Besides that, time limitation is the big problem to run this research. To collect enough data, we need longer period in order to make a quality research. Chapter two is the literature review of this study. The supporting matter of the study is explained in this chapter which refers to few articles, journals and books. This chapter was described background of FAMA and overview about Agromas brand. This chapter also described the important of marketing mix that is 4Ps to the company. Besides that, this chapter also described about important of knowing consumer behavior and also purchasing behavior. Chapter three focuses on the research methodology and design of the study. The data collection methods in this chapter in this chapter will explain why it is needed. Primary data is the method used in this study. It is originated by a researcher for a specific purpose of addressing the problem at hand. The reason of choosing the sampling techniques of this study is also self-explanatory in this chapter. Although sampling is common place in daily activities, most of these familiar samples are not scientific. The concept of sampling may seem simple and intuitive, but the actual process of sampling can be quite complex. Sampling is a central aspect of marketing research, and it requires in-depth examination. Chapter also contains data analysis techniques and work schedule. Chapter four focuses on the Data Analysis and Interpretation which is the major part of the study. Data analysis and interpretation of result has been process by using SPSS 11.5 programme is the most meaningfully explained by referring this business research project. After the brief description of the background of the company in which the research was carries out and the sample, this chapter will discuss the data analysis done for testing each frequency test and how the result were interpreted. Chapter five which is the last chapter includes conclusion and recommendation for consumers' acceptance of locally produced snack Agromas-Chip Ubi Kayu in Melaka area. The marketing mix 4Ps will help FAMA to increase consumer's' acceptance towards Agromas-Chip Ubi Kayu. For reference, there is bibliography and appendixes provided at last page. It is also as a proof for the study done.



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