Coolicious by Diadia / Uodia Charlie

Charlie, Uodia (2021) Coolicious by Diadia / Uodia Charlie. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Coolicious by Diadia is a personal business that based on kitchen or cooking as it is necessary that which foods we choose to eat should be healthy and clean food. Coolicious by Diadia is a homemade or handmade food which is the best health well food. Preparing food at home, can control the cleanness, healthiness, freshness of the meal. Many people do not care about preparing and eating at home because they have not taken the time to understand the benefits of eating homemade food.
Due to this Covid-19, cooking and eating is always fun, especially homemade food. Food is one of the primary necessities of humans and also plays a vital role in maintaining good health. People work hard to eat and it does not matter if it is healthy or not, but healthy eating prevents a variety of health problems. People enjoy cooking their own meals such as gives us peace of mind, satisfaction, and a guarantee of cleanliness. Homemade food such as Coolicious by Diadia is always treated as a privilege, especially with our hectic life schedules. Nowadays, people seldom cook at home and find a good reason to go out and eat. There are many different choices when it comes to food, but homemade food is the best choice.
Nowadays people love homemade food instead of fast food because they say it is delicious. Talking with people who cook at home, most stated that they make fresh ingredients at home, like grind and powder all seasonings and curries, so it gives the best flavor, taste, and smell. Therefore, eating at our own kitchen table allow us focus on all natural ingredients. Most of the people who cook at home have their own kitchen garden also, so all the vegetables are fresh and organic. This gives us a great satisfaction and peace of mind that it is fresh cooked meals from our own garden to the table. The reason to eat homemade food is that it helps to improve our health. Before the wide spread availability of fast food restaurants, people always cooked their meals at home because of this, they were healthier and lived longer.


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