Chocolate Turbulence / Mohamad Zulhilmi Mohamd Nata

Mohamd Nata, Mohamad Zulhilmi (2021) Chocolate Turbulence / Mohamad Zulhilmi Mohamd Nata. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Submitted)


In this business opportunity assignment, I was required to conduct a business activity by selling products or offering any services. This activity can be conducted through online or offline platform. I have decided to choose online platform to market my business because for me it is easier to communicate with the customers as well as I think it is the safest way to conduct such activity especially during this pandemic.
The product that I choose to sell is a food product known as Chocolate Turbulence. I discovered this idea of selling Chocolate Turbulence by watching my friend who managed to earn huge profits without having to burst their wallet to start the business. The ultimate factor that I have decided to choose this product is due to its demand. This product are in huge demand among the young people especially the teenagers based on my observation. In the place where I lived which is located in Taman Bukit Teratai, Ampang, there are many secondary schools that were located nearby. This would be a potentially good market for my Chocolate Turbulence business.
The other factor that drove me to choose this product is because people will never get bored of food products. Usually, people tend to order the food that suits them repeatedly especially snacks. This product can be eaten anytime at anywhere as it is easy to be carried around. For example, it can be eaten while watching movies and during lecture breaks. Furthermore, this product does not need to be stored at certain temperature as it can just be stored in any area at room temperature. This makes it easier for me as a new entrepreneur to handle the products while maintaining its quality.
Lastly, I believe that selling this product is a small step for me towards becoming an entrepreneur as it can exposed me to the real business situation while helping me improve my social skills by communicating with my customers through online platform as well as face- to-face. The skills and experience will be very beneficial for me in the future if I managed to grow my business into a certain level.