ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Vita Lemon / Nursyafa'ah Sohri

Sohri, Nursyafa'ah (2021) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Vita Lemon / Nursyafa'ah Sohri. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Vita Lemon is an online business that all people in Malaysia know how to operate. The Vita Lemon was the best product for our health and beauty inside out. These products currently have a big box now so everyone was very excited about this one because it is a more effective product to customers with new packaging. It is an online business which is under dropship by founder of Mama Lawa Hq. Vita Lemon used the platform as Whatsapp, Tiktok, Facebook and transacial and others platforms. Furthermore, customers of Vita Lemon really appreciate how good it is to drink this vita lemon with a cheap price that they give to customers and new big packaging.
In addition, we are really focusing on health for the person that tried our product Vita Lemon. And then, the product really had a very good price to customers. The price that the founder targets is cheap and the best brand to promote. For the 1 box of Vita Lemon which is just RM 32.00 and it has 25 sachet for each box. Although they are focused on the agent and sales from customers are very hard to get. Their product mainly was how it tastes and affects our body after a month. Changing our body weight is not good enough if we do not get Vita Lemon to clean the toxicity in our body after exercise. Our founder chose the design of the box. It is really beautiful and attractive for a customer and myself too. The packaging was upgraded to another level bigger before the latest version. That’s why this product from Mama Lawa HQ is very cool.
Then, I as a dropship for Mama Lawa Hq products will pay more attention to promotion and good advertising for the future. I hope this business can be successful even abroad with the idea and preparation from our founder. In addition, I as a dropship will look for ways to further promote this product with various social media to attract customers who still do not know about Vita Lemon.


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