Entrepreneurship : Sweet Honey Bee / Jihan Musfirah Musa ... [et al.]

Musa, Jihan Musfirah and Abdullah, Nur Aimi Fatihah and Mohd Taib, Majidah and Abdul Rasid, Anis Zarifah (2008) Entrepreneurship : Sweet Honey Bee / Jihan Musfirah Musa ... [et al.]. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


After having a discussion between the members, we had chooses ‘Honey Bee SDN.BHD’ as our company’s name. The members of our company are Jihan Musfirah bt Musa, Nur Aimi Fatihah Bt Abdullah, Majidah Bte Mohd Taib, Anis Zarifah Abdul Rasid, Nurul Hasliana Bt Muhamed Jamil. SWEET HONEY BEE SDN. BHD is company that farming livestock bee that will produce pure honey. This honey can make many kinds and types of uses. In terms of healthy and beauty. For instant healthy drink and food, beauty soap that good for skin and shampoo for shining hair. Honey is a treat, and is man's oldest sweetener. It is an excellent substitute for sugar in our drinks and food.

It is also good for many medicinal uses and treating certain conditions. Reliance on commercialized medicines which contain too many chemicals can become hazardous to our health. Honey is composed of sugars like glucose and fructose and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate.

It contains vitamins Bl, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3 all of which change according to the qualities of the nectar and pollen. Besides the above, copper, iodine, and zinc exist in it in small quantities. Several kinds of hormones are also present in it. Approximately one half of the human diet is derived directly or indirectly from crops pollinated by bees. Today honeybees are an essential part of a healthy agriculture economy.

If it is having an allergy, honey can be beneficial. If you eat honey that is local to your area, it may help prevent your seasonal allergies. Bees use the pollen from local plants and eventually it ends up in your honey.

Honey may also be good for your skin. It has the ability to attract water. It is also safe for sensitive skin. Honey also can use it as a moisturizing mask for your skin as well as your hair. To use it as a conditioner, mix the honey with olive oil.

If it is have a sore throat, take some honey. Honey has powerful antimicrobial properties, which can soothe your raw tissues. Pour a teaspoon of honey into a large serving spoon and then top off the spoon with lemon juice. Swallow the concoction (without water) every few hours until symptoms clear up. Some people add a pinch of black or red pepper to increase blood circulation to the throat.


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