Implementation of risk management process at KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd / Che Noraini Che Zamani

Che Zamani, Che Noraini (2010) Implementation of risk management process at KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd / Che Noraini Che Zamani. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


The subject matter of this project paper is on the “Implementation of Risk Management Process At KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd”. It consist an introduction, which relates to the background and/or history of the parent company, namely Koperasi Permodalan Melayu Negeri Johor (KPMNJ), as well as on KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd, as a subsidiary of KPMNJ, the services and products offered by KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd, and the process of risk management. The study will focus on the practice of risk management process by KPMJ Khidmat of KPMNJ. The information gathering for this study will be based on an extensive research of the relevant websites; interviews and discussion with KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd’s staff as well a supervisor and the leader of the operation officer and the reference to their company policy, procedures, and other risk documents. The tools and methodology used by KPMJ Khidmat Department of KPMNJ will be compared to the practices of risk management process in the theory. The objective of this study is to identify the types of risk faced by KPMJ Khidmat Sdn Bhd, to compare the risk management process practices at KPMNJ with the common risk management process practices in the theory and also to find out solution for this company for improvement towards their risk management practiced in order to handle the risks.


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