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Physical and optical analysis of cerium doped tellurite glass embedded with copper nanoparticles / Amira Syuhadah Abd. Razak. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Effects of silver-doped on barium-site of ybc0123 superconductor using density functional theory via first principle study / Fatin Nadiah Abdul Jabar. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Investigation of regional total electron content (TEC) values at different ionospheric layers / Ahmad Nizam Abdullah. (2009) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

Scanning electron microscopy studies of carbon nanotubes prepared by spray pyrolysis chemical vapor deposition method / Siti Zaubidah Abdullah. (2006) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

File accuracy assesssment of agisoft photoscan PIX4d mapper in orthophoto production / Muhammad Faisal. (2018) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi Mara Perlis.


Effects of filler concentration on the ionic conductivity of PVC+ (NH4)HS04 + A1203 (80nm) polymer electrolytes / Noor Shuhada Hamzah. (2011) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Effect of addition of A1₂0₃ nanofiller on conductivity of PVC-PEMA-LiCF₃S0₃ polymer electrolytes / Nurussaadah Haris. (2009) [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Ohmic contacts properties Pd/Ag metallization scheme on P-type GaN / C. W. Lim … [et al.]. (2004) In: STSS 2004 : Sains Teknologi Jilid 1, 31 Mei – 1 Jun 2004, Hotel Vistana, Kuantan, Pahang.


Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical investigation of limn1.9ti0.1-xsnxo4 spinel cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries / Aida Fazliza Mat Fadzil. (2020) PhD thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

Effect of coupling yagi, curve and helical wave collector at receiver on signal properties and current consumption of ADS-B system / Azim Fikri Mhd Subre. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Effect of annealing temperature on undoped zinc oxide and aluminium doped ZnO by sol-gel spin coating / Anis Fazlinda Mohd Hassan. (2013) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Effects of antimony-doped on barium-site of ybco-123 using density functional theory via first principle study / Nurhafizhah Mohd Razali. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

GuttaFlow bioseal as monocone obturation technique in curved root canals: a scanning electron microscopy study / Musliana Mustaffa ... [et al.]. (2021) Science Letters (ScL), 5 (2). pp. 42-59. ISSN 2682-8626


GPS ionospheric scintillation and total electron content during partial solar eclipse in Malaysia / Wan Muhammad Faizhaqimi Wan Hasbullah. (2013) Degree thesis, thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

Optimization of the preparation parameter of zinc oxide nanowires / Fauziah Wan Mohd Noor. (2007) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Characterization of diode pumped solid state laser beam / Wan Aizuddin Wan Razali, Azman Kasim and Syamsyir Akmal Senawi. (2011) In: Prosiding KONAKA Konferensi Akademik 2011, 6-7 Disember 2011, Universiti Teknologi MARA Pahang.


Determination of elements and radionuclides concentration in reaktor triga puspati (RTP) coolant and its corrosion rate on various metals / Nur Syazana Yusri. (2018) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

Total electron content (TEC) and estimation of positioning error using Malaysia data / Y. Norsuzila ... [et al.]. (2010) In: Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2010, 30 June-2 July 2010, London, U.K..

GPS total electron content (TEC) and position range rate error using Malaysia data / Norsuzila Ya'acob, Azita Laily Yusof and Mohd Tarmizi Ali. (2012) [Research Reports] (Unpublished)

Measurement of total electron content (TEC) using virtual reference station (VRS) data at ionosphere layer / Norsuzila Ya'acob ... [et al.]. (2012) Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 8 (8). pp. 4084-4095. ISSN 1819-544X

Investigation of the annual solar eclipse by using total electron content (TEC) measurements / Norsuzila Ya’acob ... [et al.]. (2011) In: 2011 IEEE Symposium on Wireless Technology and Applications (ISWTA), 25-28 September 2011, Langkawi, Malaysia.


Effects of antimony-doped on yttrium-site of YBCO-123 using density functional theory via first principle study / Nuraini Najihah Zulkifli. (2020) [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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