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ID26424 Azme, 'Aamirah and Abdul Rahim, Nurul Edora (2015) Potential of kenaf and coir fibers as thermal insulators / 'Aamirah Azme and Nurul Edora Abdul Rahim. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44237 Abd Rahman, Mohd Redzuan (2006) The thermal comfort of students in air-conditioned lecture rooms / Mohd Redzuan Abd Rahman. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID23895 Abd Rahman, Muhamad Shamsul Bahriel (2017) Characteristics differences between pure porous and non-porous of Bl1.6Pbo.4Sr2Ca2Cu3-XO10 superconductors / Muhamad Shamsul Bahriel Abd Rahman. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID46201 Abdul Halim, Noor Hafizah (2009) Thermal comfort of female students in an air-conditioning laboratory / Noor Hafizah Abdul Halim. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

ID44484 Abdul Hamid, Mohd Adib (2011) The conductivity of Li₂Fₑ0₂ and Li₃Fₑ0₃ / Mohd Adib Abdul Hamid. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45394 Abdul Rahim, Nursyahidda (2007) The effect of sintering days on electrical conductivity in solid electrolyte / Nursyahidda Abdul Rahim. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID46393 Abu Bakar, Siti Nazirah (2009) Fourier transform infra-red (FTIR) properties of carbon nano tubes prepared from camphor oil by thermal chemical vapor deposition / Siti Nazirah Abu Bakar. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID23801 Ahmad, Muhammad Hilman (2017) DC and thermal conductivity of lithium zinc phosphate glasses / Muhammad Hilman Ahmad. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID46406 Ahmad Sarbri, Nur Syafiqah Ikhwani (2013) Thermal characteristic of led in different degree of ambient temperature / Nur Syafiqah Ikhwani Ahmad Sarbri. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID21118 Chng, Ming Hui and Chin, Wai Meng and Tang, Sai Hong (2017) The influence of refrigerant (R32) flow maldistribution on the thermal performance of a microchannel heat exchanger without considering superheat and sub-cool / Chng Ming Hui, Chin Wai Meng and Tang Sai Hong. Journal of Mechanical Engineering (JMechE), 14 (2). pp. 149-166. ISSN 1823-5514 ; 2550-164X


ID21117 Elias, Fauzan Shaile (2002) Thermal comfort studies in non-conditioned room / Fauzan Shaile Elias. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

ID46778 Esa, Nurhazirah (2013) Characterization of modified silicone - dammar resin as coating after thermal process / Nurhazirah Esa. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID45379 Ghazi, Nurhidayu (2013) Conductivity studies of natural rubber-grafted with 30% Poly(Methymethacrylate)-LiBF4-EC based polymer electrolyte / Nurhidayu Ghazi. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID45026 Hamzah, Shuhada (2011) Effects of filler concentration on the ionic conductivity of PVC+ (NH4)HS04 + A1203 (80nm) polymer electrolytes / Noor Shuhada Hamzah. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID43947 Hashim, Nordiana (2010) Thermal behavior of copper oxide and titanium dioxide precursors / Nordiana Hashim. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID43158 Hassan, Fitriah (2007) Investigation on indoor air quality and thermal comfort in naturally ventilated UiTM's classrooms / Fitriah Hassan. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID46400 Hussin, Shahrir (2006) Thermal design of walls for optimum energy performance for low-rise residential building via computer simulation using energy 10 / Shahrir Hussin. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID43030 Ibrahim, Mohd Hairy and Puteh, Marzita and Adnan, Mazlini and Che Ahmad, Che Nidzam and Mohamed Noh, Noraini (2012) Kesan perubahan iklim terhadap keselesaan terma : isu dan cabaran di sekolah / Mohd Hairy Ibrahim ... [et al.]. In: 1st International Conference on Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Built Environment 2012 (ICITSBE 2012), 16-17 April 2012, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Perak.

ID23880 Ishak, Amirah Natasha (2017) Superconducting properties of Barium, BA substitution in BSCCO-2223 / Amirah Natasha Ishak. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44545 Ismail, Noorafidah (2010) Conductivity studies of Fe₂0₃ and FeA10₃ prepared by sol gel method / Noorafidah Ismail. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44665 Ismail, Shabani (2008) Excess conductivity studies of TI1.XCUXSR1.8YBO.2CACU207-6 superconductor and dimensionality of superconducting fluctuation / Shabani Ismail. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID46621 Jabir, Hartati (2012) The effect of orientation and properties of tinted solar control on conductive heat gain through windows / Hartati Jabir. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45902 Jaludin, Aziela (2009) Thermal behaviour study of Malaysian bituminous coal and refuse derived fuel blends by pyrolysis via thermogravimetric analysis / Aziela Jaludin. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44442 Jumah, Abdul Rahim (2008) Indoor air quality and thermal comfort investigation in secondary school classroom / Abdul Rahim Jumah. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID43951 Kelana, Norshafiza (2012) The conductivities of Al(2-x)Crx03 using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method / Norshafiza Kelana. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID44108 Lodz, Noor Najia (2009) Conductive heat transfer for glazed roofing material at different pitch angle in Malaysia / Noor Najia Lodz. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID43945 Mahamad Yusoff, Nor Fazila (2012) Characteristics of ionic conductivity in lithium salt onto MG30 polymer electrolyte / Nor Fazila Mahamad Yusoff. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44454 Mardi, Ahmad Liwauddin (2013) The study of thermally stimulated current on ZnO nanostructures / Ahmad Liwauddin Mardi. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID12941 Mohamed, Mazlan and Atan, Rahim (2011) Three dimensional CFD simulations of junction temperature of electronic components using nano-silver / Mazlan Mohamed and Rahim Atan. Scientific Research Journal, 8 (1). pp. 29-39. ISSN 1675-7009

ID45397 Mohd Ghazali, Roszaierawani (2013) Conductivity studies on the effect of combination of different solvent on lithium bis (OXALATO)- borate (LiBOB) based electrolyte / Roszaierawani Mohd Ghazali. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID23884 Mohd Ismail, Anis Zafirah (2017) Flux pinning mechanism in bi-2223 superconductor with addition of barium / Anis Zafirah Mohd Ismail. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45023 Mohd Rosli, Mohd Zulfadli (2009) Ionic conductivity of lithium ion conductors based on PVC - PEMA Blends / Mohd Zulfadli Mohd Rosli. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID44295 Mohd Yusoff, Siti Nor Hafiza (2010) Investigations on the effect of Si0₂ on plasticized mg30 polymer electrolytes / Siti Nor Hafiza Mohd Yusoff. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45914 Morris, Freda (2009) Thermal comfort of male students in an air-conditioned laboratory / Freda Morris. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45876 Muhammad Hanif, Nur Shazlinda (2010) Synthesis and thermal studies of some Metal Oxides (LIA102, AI2O3, FE203) / Nur Shazlinda Muhammad Hanif. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45025 Muhd Yusof, Murnisafiah (2011) Properties of non porous and porous in the superconducting YBa2Cu3Oy AND Y2CaBa4Cu70y compound / Murnisafiah Muhd Yusof. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID23683 Mustaffa, Norhaizam (2017) Structure and superconducting properties of fe doped of porous bscco 2223 superconductor / Norhaizam Mustaffa. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID44196 Othman, Farah Safura (2007) Thermal and energy performance of traditional residential building in Malaysia / Farah Safura Othman. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID23805 Ramli, Muhammad Ridzwan (2017) Superconducting properties of yttrium, y subtitution in bscco-2223 / Muhammad Ridzwan Ramli. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID45713 Sanusi, Fatein Diyana (2013) Conductivities of LiCo0.1Ni0.9O2 and LiCoO2 / Fatein Diyana Sanusi. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID45423 Suid, Nur Amira (2010) Conductive heat transfer for opaque roofing material at different pitch angle in Malaysia / Nur Amira Suid. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID46676 Sulaiman, Nur Laili Hayati (2010) The effects of nanoclay on the mechanical properties of thermoplastic natural rubber / Nur Laili Hayati Sulaiman. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


ID21112 Zulkipli, Azuddin (2003) Thermal analysis of composite materials for roofing / Azuddin Zulkipli. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.

ID44528 Zakaria, Muhamad Shahril (2011) Thermaly Stimulated Current (TSC) in porous silicon / Muhamad Shahril Zakaria. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

ID23797 Zamri, Siti Aisyah Zai (2017) The effect of ferrum doping on superconductiing properties of the porous / Siti Aisyah Zai Zamri. [Student Project] (Unpublished)

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