Building condition assessment for TLDM Lumut / Muhammad Amirul Mustaqim Abu Bakar

Abu Bakar, Muhammad Amirul Mustaqim (2018) Building condition assessment for TLDM Lumut / Muhammad Amirul Mustaqim Abu Bakar. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


This report contains the overview of the journey into the completion of my internship programme or also known as practical training. This practical training report is an important requirement and pre-requisite for the award of the Diploma in Building Surveying. It is also valid to be treated as an investigation related to the construction industry based on my experience during the practical period. It is filled with information regarding a specific company in construction industry and a certain type of project related to it. For the first chapter of the report, the company which I gained experience as a practical student is introduced. The organization of which the company holds and various of its profile information is then explained in details in an informative and proper sequence. The information regarding the involvement of the company in construction industry in Malaysia is also provided.
Moving on to the next chapter of the report, which is the literature review of which I have studied and presented in the most informative way. The literature review is filled with various information regarding a specific type of project which related to the construction industry and can later be referred to as a trusted source of information. The information is also presented with examples and multiples of instances coming from various of reliable sources that is also worthy to be mentioned and accredited.
Next, the main chapter, which is the case study of which I have participated in and have chosen it to be the main content of the report. The case study is carefully and thoroughly explained from the start of the project, until the very end of the closure. These information includes the individuals and companies and any related party that have participated in the project, the location of which it was carried out, the entire workflow of the project and the total findings and analysis collected and studied. Towards the ending of the report, problems that may have occurred during the process of the project being carried out has been identified and all of the recommendation and solutions to each one of it is laid out and presented clearly. This is to ensure that the points are delivered and secured to be revised later. The closure of the report is then prepared as a conclusion of it. It marks the end of the journey of my practical training period.


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