ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Nilofa Flavoured Milk / Fadzleeza Fadzul

Fadzul, Fadzleeza (2021) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Nilofa Flavoured Milk / Fadzleeza Fadzul. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nilofa by Fadz is a company that is dropship based of Nilofa Group that sell flavoured drink which consists of four flavour which is banana, dates, durian and mango. Dropship is where we do not produce the product but we help the company to distribute their product to meet their consumer. In return, the company must pay us with a commission for every of their product that we successfully sold. As the owner of business Nilofa by Fadz, I do not produce the product. But, I take the product from headquarter and distribute the product at my area that I selected which is my place at Malacca. As a dropshipper for Nilofa Group, my task is to distribute or sell the product and then restock the product when my current stock is running low.
Nilofa by Fadz start to operate at Malacca in the middle of year 2020. During that time I am currently in semester break and I am thinking of earning an extra income to support me during semester break. Then, I figure out that Nilofa Group is open up a business opportunity such as agent and dropship for those who want to generate extra income. Without any wait I decided to join their business opportunity as I realize this product will gain people attraction and easy to sell as this is a product of a famous local celebrity. Currently, I have manage to operate this business for about 6 months. Moreover, I have also witness of my business growth especially during MCO as people staying at home and they easily attracted to home delivery service product.
To expand my business to meet more prospect, I have created a Facebook account page about this product. I have learn in using the teaser, soft sell, and hard sell that I made to draw target audiences, this have made me learned so many lessons about how to advertise and market my product. Facebook page have helped me a lot to see how my business are running. It also shows me about my page insight that help me a lot in making a marketing strategy.


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