Renovation work for a meeting room at Faculty of Art and Surveying / Norazizah Abu

Abu, Norazizah (2014) Renovation work for a meeting room at Faculty of Art and Surveying / Norazizah Abu. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak.


Practical training is a subject of the last semester for a diploma student in building survey. In this subject, the students are asked to complete a report that has been done during practical. Also, practical training is not only to teach the student how to make and complete the report during the practical, but it is also teach students how the real world work has been done. In addition, this subject also can teach and educate student about the work. Second, through this practical training also can teach the student about the responsibilities to the work. Student also can learn how to manage time and how to communicate and respect to other people in work time. Another, student can learn how to complete the work on time with properly. Overall, this practical training gives a lot of benefits and new experience to the students before the students face to the real life of work. Student can used this experience for the real work life. Also, practical training can make a discipline on the students by manage the time and schedule correctly. In conclusion, student can use this opportunity for show the student talented as a building surveyor during this practical training.


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