Process of building condition assessment / Muhammad Saifuddin Tukirin

Tukirin, Muhammad Saifuddin (2018) Process of building condition assessment / Muhammad Saifuddin Tukirin. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


This report is content all about the information about my case study through practical training under company Jasa Sendi Sdn Bhd during the four months of practical training (1st March – 29th June). The topic that I have choose to
complete my practical training report is process of Building Condition assessment (BCA) as this project was rarely awarded and I had managed to be selected in completing this project. Total chapter contain in this report has 5 chapters which included all detailed information about the company, general information about case study, information about case study which is focus on specific topic that I have choose, and also problems and recommendation that have been analyzed. The first chapter in this report is detail of information of the company. In this chapter, all the general information about the background of the company and the organization that owned by company that I choose to undergo the practical
training. It also content about the scope of work about this company, objective, mission, vision, location, and also panel company which is involved with the company Jasa Sendi Sdn Bhd. The second chapter give out information about the literature review based on my case study. All the general information and overview about the topic that I have choose is included in this chapter. It content about the definition, types and etc. The third chapter list out all the information about my case study that have get from my observation and learning with my real experience in handling and completing project tasks that I have involved under company Jasa Sendi Sdn Bhd especially in project Building Condition Assessment (BCA) in Kuala Ketil, Kuala Kedah. The main content was about the specific information that I get through practical training such as method inspection generally, step by step what should do with orderly.


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