Marketing related video analysis using susceptible- infected-recovered [SIR] model / Shasha Fazlisa Mazlan

Mazlan, Shasha Fazlisa (2021) Marketing related video analysis using susceptible- infected-recovered [SIR] model / Shasha Fazlisa Mazlan. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


One of the famous development technology in this world is Facebook. Facebook is a free social network site where everyone can connect with each other. In Facebook there is many feature for user to explore such as video. Nowadays, people like to record and post their video in Facebook especially for the entrepreneur. They can use Facebook medium to post their marketing video to promote their business. The main objectives in this study is to examine the dynamics of two different product marketing video that being spread. The sub-objectives in this study are to identify the cycle of product marketing video spreading and to compare the growth and the decline the number of viewers in regard in video marketing using an epidemiological model which is Susceptible- Infected- Recovered (SIR) model. In this study, two types of SIR model which is SIR model without demography and SIR model with demography were considered. The variable in this study is number of Facebook user who exposed to the video (Susceptible), the Facebook user who receive and share the video (Infected) and the Facebook user stop sharing the video (Recovered). Video of Naelofar Hijab new shawl and Aliff Syukri slimming product were chosen as case studies. The data were observed 7 days after the video is posted. The number of likes, number of share and number of comment were collected in this study to construct the model. The result showed that the content of the video does affect the spreading of the video. It can be conclude that based on this study, future researcher can take advantages in their future study by differentiating the viral of the video before and after COVID-19 cases.


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