Advertising campaign on art as therapy for depressive symptoms / Mohamad Idris Mohd Suhaimi

Mohd Suhaimi, Mohamad Idris (2019) Advertising campaign on art as therapy for depressive symptoms / Mohamad Idris Mohd Suhaimi. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Melaka.


Depression or also known as Major depressive disorder in medical terms is a significant mental health problem that disrupts a person's mood and affected their psychosocial and occupational functioning. Depression is usually associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Sometimes it being misunderstanding as a simple feelings of grief or unhappiness. Thus it is often for people to resolve it without the medical intervention. Official research from Ministry of Health Malaysia state that untreated depression can last for six months or more. Moreover, the crucial parts happen
when there are several statement from newspaper state that the most people who suffer in this issue is among the youth. Regarding the issue, a fast action need to be takes place to prevent it from effected the society’s development. For those reason, the researcher will makes an ideation for campaign awareness about art as therapy for people who suffered from depression among the people around the UITM Melaka, branch Alor Gajah. In the campaign, the researcher will include the information related with the symptom of depression and how the art therapy works. This research of art therapy helpfully can become one kind of solution to prevent this current mental illness far from becoming worst in our country


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