Checkpoint localization for hikers using Havaersine Formula / Mohd Haizat Mat Isa

Mat Isa, Mohd Haizat (2015) Checkpoint localization for hikers using Havaersine Formula / Mohd Haizat Mat Isa. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.


Checkpoint localization - Hiking is outdoor activity that has become increasingly popular among the people. This activity requires strong physical fitness and high tenacity because this activity came with high risk such as injury and lost. In 2014, a group of secondary school student got lost during hiking at Broga Hill. Besides, it was difficult to determine distance in the thick forest because of limited visibility. Mostly, equipment for hiking was very expensive. Some hikers cannot afford to buy those equipments. The advance development in technology has produced smart phones that integrated with GPS technology that can provide reliable and accurate location service. GPS technology has been applied in many fields such as trekking and navigation system.This system was developed in order to help hikers to find checkpoint during the hiking activity.This system allowed users to add their own checkpoint and provided the distance from user's current location to the checkpoint. The distance between user's location and checkpoint will be calculated using Haversine Formula. This application was running on Android operating system.In order to prevent accumulated error, this system had been tested on LG Nexus 5. The results show that 93.33% users agree that this application is effective to use for hiking. This system can be used as safety precaution if the users got lost during hiking, they can go to the nearest checkpoint by using this system.


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