Pejabat Tanah Kluang / Nor Anis Syafinaz Rosly

Rosly, Nor Anis Syafinaz (2023) Pejabat Tanah Kluang / Nor Anis Syafinaz Rosly. Industrial Training. Faculty of Business and Management. (Submitted)


This executive summary provides an overview of the internship report conducted at the Kluang Land Office, which aimed to explore fresh knowledge in understanding land management practices and propose recommendations for improvement. The internship involved tasks such as data collection, data analysis, identifying challenges faced by the Land Office, and providing potential improvement suggestions. The findings from the internship highlighted four significant areas for improvement. Firstly, the reliance on physical document storage and manual data entry poses a risk of loss or damage. To mitigate this, it is recommended to adopt digital document management systems and automated data entry processes for increased efficiency and reduced vulnerability of physical record Secondly, the limited workspace negatively impacts staff convenience and workflow. To address this, options for expanding the workspace or implementing space utilization techniques should be explored to create a more conducive environment for effective task execution. Thirdly, the internship identified instances of grant fraud conducted by third parties with expertise in ownership matters. Strengthening verification processes and establishing stricter protocols for granting ownership rights is recommended to combat fraudulent activities and ensure the integrity of land ownership records. Lastly, it was observed that customer expectations regarding the Land Office's services were excessively high. To manage expectations effectively, improving communication channels with customers and enhancing service quality are crucial. Measures such as clear and timely communication, streamlined processes, and efficient service delivery will enhance customer satisfaction and establish a positive reputation. In conclusion, the internship report emphasizes the need for improvement in four key areas at the Kluang Land Office. Recommendations include adopting digital document management systems, addressing workspace limitations, strengthening verification processes, and enhancing service quality. These improvements aim to enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and deliver a higher standard of service, contributing to the overall improvement of land management practices at the Land Office


Item Type: Monograph (Industrial Training)
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Rosly, Nor Anis Syafinaz
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Mohamed, Noor Azzura
Subjects: J Political Science > JS Local government. Municipal government
Divisions: Universiti Teknologi MARA, Melaka > Bandaraya Melaka Campus > Faculty of Business and Management
Keywords: Industrial training, Internship; Pejabat Tanah Kluang; Local authority
Date: 2023
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