Pameran maya: pesona Jawa Timur / Dewi Nauliafajrin

Nauliafajrin, Dewi (2023) Pameran maya: pesona Jawa Timur / Dewi Nauliafajrin. Other. Perpustakaan Tengku Anis (PTA).


Mount Ijen is a volcano located on the border of Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Ijen has an altitude of 2,386 meters above sea level. Mount Ijen is famous for its crater which is the biggest acidic lake in the world which has a bluish green color. Apart from that, this mountain also has a unique phenomenon that cannot be found in other natural objects in Indonesia, namely blue fire. Hikers can only see this natural wonder in the darkest time of the night or midnight. The best time to see blue fire is in dry season, not only because the trail will not get slippery but the blue fire can be seen more clearly.

Meru Betiri National Park is a conservation area that has a very high potential for diversity of flora and fauna. This national park is representative of the lowland tropical rain forest ecosystem type. The Meru Betiri National Park area has identified 518 species of flora, consisting of 15 protected species and 503 non-protected species. One of the protected plant species is Rafflesia zollingeriana Kds. This plant is a holoparasitic plant, a plant that is completely dependent on other plants for its food needs. This plant group does not have grainschlorophyll, but has a sucker root or haustorium.


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