Yellow pops! / Rosemaria Binti Mohamed

Mohamed, Rosemaria Yellow pops! / Rosemaria Binti Mohamed. In: dyeco - Textile Eco Exploration of Natural Dyes. College of Creative Arts, pp. 34-35. ISBN 9786299847014


Turmeric is a common source of natural dye which is used for colouring textiles. The designs of my fabrics are inspired from line, texture and shapes inspired from the turmeric plant. The designs are stylized to suit how it is composed on fabric and worn on the body. The fabric used is selected based on the effectiveness of the outcome of turmeric colouring specifically for batik and silkscreen printing. Through my exploration, I decide to apply colours ranges from yellow, orange, green and brown to show how versatile the turmeric is as a single source of natural dye.


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