Heart beats monitor (HBM) / Mohd Amirul Zainal Abidin, Mohd Faizal Dzulkifli and Muhamad Syafiq Mat Zait

Zainal Abidin, Mohd Amirul and Dzulkifli, Mohd Faizal and Mat Zait, Muhamad Syafiq (2015) Heart beats monitor (HBM) / Mohd Amirul Zainal Abidin, Mohd Faizal Dzulkifli and Muhamad Syafiq Mat Zait. [Student Project] (Submitted)


As a human that living in this world, people need to be healthy to do something that they want. People have taken many supplement and medicines to keep their body healthy. As a young person, they do not really care about their health because they think body still can takes more impacts from their work. However, people always careless about the hearts condition. Heart is a main organ that controlled the flow of blood in the artery. This blood carries the oxygen and sent it all over the body to make the body functioning as people want. The main important part of the body that need the oxygen is the brain. If the brain does not get enough oxygen, it will cause a problem to people body such as sleepy, tired and unconscious. From the statement, people know that heart is the most important part in people body to keep the body stay healthy. As the people know, heart is a very sensitive organ in our body. So, the conditions of heart are connecting to the motion or emotion that people feel. When they in stable mode such as sleep, rest and reading books, their heart will beats constant and stable in 60 to 100 beats per minutes. However, when people being unstable mode such as running, scare, or angry, their heart beats will be increase up to 300 beats per minutes. This condition is dangerous to people body because it can cause a sudden heart attack. This disease can lead people to death if the person does not get a treatment as soon as possible. In other way to prevent this disease from happen, people must calm down or being relax when they feel that they in unstable mode so that heart beats can be decrease and make it beats stable again.


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