Zarkayfairies / Nabila Farhah Adnan

Adnan, Nabilah Farhah (2021) Zarkayfairies / Nabila Farhah Adnan. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Social media is one of the famous website and application where people would be using it right now. People would be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more application in their daily life. As we all know that our world right now is basically that we are currently living in a phase of technology where everything would be using online as it makes easier to interact with each other even they are part kilometers away. In this assignment project, we would like to show and share how the business is when conducting through online and how we market and promote our product by using the right way and techniques of copywriting in order to attract customers and to make our product well-known in public. There are many methods that can be used to attract customers, to increase our sales by using a technique that consist of Soft Sell, Hard Sell and Teaser. All of these considers a good copy writing’s techniques, good graphics and putting all of the creativity into the Teaser, Soft Sell and Hard Sell in order to gain more customers.
Zarkayfairies is a company that provides a combination of skincare between Zarzou and Kayman. It is committed in bringing safe and high-quality products that work best for the skin. Our formulas are specially crafted so your skin gets the maximum benefit. We are located in Rawang, Selangor where we also will be doing cash on delivery and purchase online. Both of the products are the best seller that helps everyone with their skin’s problems. There are many positive feedbacks that has been received of these combination by our customer saying that their skin has getting so much improvement than before. There are many products that have been launched out by Zarkayfairies in which from the side of Zarzou we have Zarzou Brightening Hydrating Facial Serum, Zarzou Repairing Soothing Facial Serum and for the side of Kayman we have Kayman Rosa Glow Treatment Essence, Skintella Moisturizing Gel and Kayman Coalface Soap. These products help in brighten up the skin, give the effect of glow skin, fading acne scars and many more benefits and advantages that these products provided with. All of Zarkayfairies products cost from the range of RM 30 to RM 90 where it can be used for months, affordable and has been proven for the best ingredients that really help people that has acne problems out there.


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