The Flow Hive / Asymiratul Najihah Amir

Amir, Asymiratul Najihah (2022) The Flow Hive / Asymiratul Najihah Amir. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Flow is a company from Australia which focusing on products for beekeepers in beekeeping industry. In this company analysis, it is focusing on the company renowned beehive box invention known as the Flow Hives to be investigated, identified and analyzed along with their current problems and proposed solutions. The first problem is crystallization of honey during the cold season. If this happens, beekeepers would usually melts the crystallized honey in a jar on a warm water or heat them up in a microwave. These old routines are bothersome and time consuming. It is especially irritating for beekeepers living in the cold regions having to do this frequently. In fact, this problem will even affect the operation of the Flow Hive mechanism to run seamlessly. As for the next problem is regarding their foundations, Flow Frames which are made of plastic. Although it is made of BPA- free food grade plastic, the products could still be as harmful to human health. The possibility of chemicals leaching from the plastics into the honey or wax could still happen and it will concern many beekeepers before purchasing the Flow Hives. Aside from that, there are few solutions proposed to these matters. First, installing automatic electric heating system in the Flow Frames. Heating system creates warm temperature in the beehives and prevents the honey from being crystallized. In fact, temperate surrounding allows the queen to continue laying eggs and rest of the bees producing honey. Having it automatic makes it even better, the system will be able to control the desired temperature in the hives without worrying about the crystallization of honey to occur again. Second, putting more effort in innovation and Research & Development with their chemical technologist experts to replace the use of plastic foundation with natural beeswax. Beeswax creates more eco-friendly, lightweight and safe foundation for the consumption of honey. Beekeepers should not worry about their health anymore as zero usage of plastic is used in the product. Plus, cost of production lessen since beeswax can be collected right from their own farm to make the foundations instead.


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