River pollution and its effect to the neighbouring residents at Pasir Gudang, Johor / Wan Hazirah Sahareen Jeffri

Jeffri, Wan Hazirah Sahareen (2021) River pollution and its effect to the neighbouring residents at Pasir Gudang, Johor / Wan Hazirah Sahareen Jeffri. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Rivers are the most important source of water for human life, aquatic life, and the environment. These interests have been tainted by various parties and resulted in serious water pollution. This study was conducted in Sungai Buluh, Pasir Gudang which surrounded by the housing area, industrial places, small towns, recreational parks and many more. The location of Sungai Buluh is close to industrial and residential areas which can cause the river to be polluted. This study focuses on several problems and issues related to river pollution cases that will affect the population in terms of safety, health, convenience, and scenery. To achieve the purpose of this study, several objectives have been prepared including to explore the development of theories regarding river pollution, to identify the problem or cause of Sungai Buluh being polluted, to identify the background and development of Sungai Buluh situation, to suggest some ways to overcome river pollution this continues to happen. The cause of this problem is due to the very close industrial area in Sungai Buluh and residential areas. This makes the residents around Sungai Buluh, Pasir Gudang experience disruption of clean water, river pollution, bad smell from the river and life around the river and aquatics die. In addition, the dumping of garbage into the river causes the river to be polluted due to the actions of irresponsible individuals.There are three (3) methods used to conduct the study including online questionnaires, observation and using the internet as a resource. There are a total of 30 respondents who have answered the questions distributed online which consist of the question of respondent profile, respondent’s perception, the sources of Sungai Buloh pollution, The effect of Sungai Buloh to the nearby residences, and the prevention ways of Sungai Buloh pollution. In addition, observations made through online or internet i.e., Google Earth and Google Map. At the end of this research, several suggestions have been suggested including providing better access for the future, creating, and raising awareness of residents, industrial sites etc. to love the river, providing and upgrading facilities to facilitate visitors, suggesting nearby industrial areas to use filtering toxic waste, or removed and maintain the beauty and cleanliness around Sungai Buluh.


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