ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Ain Hq by Ains Empire / Nurul Ain Shafikah Mohd Nor Azri

Mohd Nor Azri, Nurul Ain Shafikah (2021) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Ain Hq by Ains Empire / Nurul Ain Shafikah Mohd Nor Azri. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Firstly, for this social media portfolio assignment, I decided to choose my own company which is Ain Hq by Ains Empire. In this report, I provided the company information, where I explain the name and address of the business, organizational chart, mission and vision. Ains Empire who are owned by myself, Nurul Ain Shafikah Binti Mohd Nor Azri sell scarf which is “Bawal” type. The business was run from July 2020 until now. I do the business through social media which is Instagram.
Besides, I also creating Facebook (fb) page for my company. Facebook is one of the social medias that is a good platform that can reach more customer and always been using by people daily. It also will give benefit which can make people realize of the existence of my company. Next, I also customizing the URL Facebook (fb) which is a customizable part of my web address and also known as username. It is also easier to share verbally and remember because the URL is shorter and do not include random number and code. Furthermore, there are also teaser which can introduce my new product to the customer. There are seven teasers including in this assignment. Next, there are also copywriting which including 16 hard sell and 16 soft sell of my product. A soft sale is a strategy to persuade a customer to buy a product or service that is done in an indirect way while a direct approach to ask for the sale is known as a hard sell. There are also graphic for online marketing which can grab my viewers’ attention.
From the Social Media Portfolio (SMP), as the owner, I can easily create the Facebook page, customizing URL Facebook page and learn on how to design the teaser, hard sell, soft sell and graphic online marketing. I also can practice and recognize what areas can be improved for my company which is Ain Hq by Ains Empire to be more successful in many years to come.


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