ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Ellohijabs / Rabiatul Anisah Sabihan

Sabihan, Rabiatul Anisah (2021) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Ellohijabs / Rabiatul Anisah Sabihan. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Ellohijabs by Rabiatul is one of the business that involved in apparel field by selling a shawl or hijabs through an online platform Facebook which is can be found by searching ‘’Ellohijabs by Rabiatul’’. Our business has provided affordable shawl with high-quality material to our beloved hijab lovers out there who is keep supporting us since the beginning until our business has been growth smoothly.
Ellohijabs is owned by Rabiatul Anisah binti Sabihan as sole proprietorship, the brand ‘’Ellohijabs’’ is coming from the owner itself from the base word ‘’Hello’’ as a greeting phase before continuing with our intention. For ‘’Ellohijabs’’ is a short-form of ‘’Hello, I want to buy hijabs’’ and it sound more cheerful to hear it from our customers.
Since the beginning, our first target market is a woman who is in range age between early 15 years old until 50 years old and we also encourage and appreciate if any man want to purchase our product as a gift for their beloved friend or family members and we are ready to give consultation and recommendation to choose a shawl which is suitable for them if our customers needed it.
Then, Ellohijabs by Rabiatul also accepting request if our customer want to buy our shawl in bulk and we will usually give a promotion price and discount to the customer as a token of appreciation of their purchase. There is some customer who is buy in bulk for their friend and family members, and planning to wear it together on their special event such as family gathering or wedding event.
In order to keep our current customers, we are promised to give the best price to our customers with a high-quality material and also Ellohijabs planning on give more option on design and range colour of the shawl to our customers. The owner itself has made some research on to find a suitable supplier that can cope with the requirement and keep a good relationship with the current supplier.
Since we are currently in pandemic of Covid-19, the business is only be held through online platform which is a better choice to support a government rules to reduce any human interaction face-to-face in order to stop the spreading of the virus. The owner had used such an interesting poster through soft sell and hard sell in order to promote the product and catch customer’s attention and us will keep improving to keep a good relationship with current customer and also our upcoming customers.


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