Industrial Training Report: Perpustakaan Laman Hikmah / Mohd Aziz Mafrodi

Mafrodi, Mohd Aziz (2017) Industrial Training Report: Perpustakaan Laman Hikmah / Mohd Aziz Mafrodi. Industrial Training. Faculty of Information Management, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. (Unpublished)


In this report I share my experience when I am undergoing industrial training at the UTeM library. Experience working with experienced and experienced staff. Besides, I also explained the background of this UTeM library as well as the ranks of staff behind this big organization. The role of each section is also described in this report. I also told you everything I learned in each section or unit. Materials cataloging skills can be improved with the help of lecturers here. Various activities I share with pictures to illustrate the activities I have been involved with. I'm also involved directly in the Buskers program as well as the Book Fair organized by the library. I also explained about the special project I have done this Project project which is a project that has been provided by the automation division. I explain the way or methods to upload into the Institutional Repository where library users can access the material and download for their savings. I also express my opinions and suggestions regarding this UTeM library to improve the shortcomings.


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