User satisfaction on cleanliness in Mount Pulai, Kulai, Johor / Nur Afiqah Norhaizad

Norhaizad, Nur Afiqah (2021) User satisfaction on cleanliness in Mount Pulai, Kulai, Johor / Nur Afiqah Norhaizad. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


The study that has been done is user satisfaction on cleanliness at Mount Pulai, Kulai, Johor where there are several issues and problems identified such as the problem of garbage disposal that is everywhere around Mount Pulai. In addition, the problem of lack of public facilities such as rubbish bins. The last issue is the problem of rat urine which stems from dirty areas and not taken care of properly. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to improve the cleanliness quality in recreational park at Mount Pulai, Kulai, Johor. Meanwhile, the objective is to identify the issues of waste disposal at recreational area in Mount Pulai, Kulai, Johor. The second is to identify tourist satisfaction on cleanliness at recreational area and finally to recommend suitable approaches for improving the cleanliness quality in Mount Pulai for better environment in the future. This study uses two methodologies such as primary data and secondary data. Primary data such as quantitative and qualitative methods and secondary data such as observation methods. Furthermore, the methodology for analysis finding for this study has used questionnaire form and survey form because it is easier to obtain accurate data collection. Next is the findings that have been obtained through the questionnaire form and the survey form is the size of the garbage bin capacity is too small in the Mount Pulai area. While the level of satisfaction with the cleanliness given feedback from visitors is that the cleanliness around the river is cleaner than other public facilities in Mount Pulai, Kulai. Finally, as a result of the data analysis, it was found that there are several recommendations that will be proposed such as the provision of larger bins and placing them in strategic areas. Not only that, it is necessary to schedule more frequent garbage collection in the study area to avoid the arrival of wild animals. The last recommendation is to conduct more frequent surveillance by officers on duty at Mount Pulai


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