Current practice of solid waste management in residential area at Kulim Kedah, Malaysia / Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Kadir

Abdul Kadir, Muhammad Firdaus (2021) Current practice of solid waste management in residential area at Kulim Kedah, Malaysia / Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Kadir. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


Efficient solid waste management is important in sustainable urban development. The increasing rate of waste generation in the city is currently a major challenge to local authorities. Recycling is an effective approach to reduce solid waste disposed. Various initiatives have been implemented by various parties in Malaysia to improve recycling practices among the community in Malaysia. However, the percentage of Malaysians who practice recycling is very small compared to communities in neighboring countries such as Singapore and Thailand.A study has been conducted on current Practice of solid waste management in residential area at kulim kedah,Malaysia. The study was focused to a few issues and problems related to factors that contribute to the current practice of solid waste managemnet on resident area like lack of public awareness on environmental care and hygiene and misunderstanding in solid waste management including the process of collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal, especially solid waste generated.To achieve the aim of this study, some objectives were provided that include to study effective solution methods for solving the problem of unmanaged solid waste production. Furthemore,This case study also want to explore more on background and site on kulim kedah. There are two (2) methods used that include questionnaire, and observation on this case study . Based on the 34 respondents that randomly selected. In the end of this research, some recommendations were recommended that include ensure that solid waste management is implemented holistically covering planning, collection, treatment and disposal,Strengthen Governance, Legal Regulation and law enforcement and the last recommendation is Raise awareness and educate the community on solid waste management.


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