Running Message Display / Hamizi Zamzuri and Muhammad Asyran Yunos

Zamzuri, Hamizi and Yunos, Muhammad Asyran (2000) Running Message Display / Hamizi Zamzuri and Muhammad Asyran Yunos. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


This report was written for our project 1 subject, one of the subjects that every student must past it before graduating in Diploma University Technology Mara. This project, Running Message Display is including in our semester 5 subjects, Digital System 1 (KEE 222). This is because one of the components is a decode counter. Therefore, for this project, we will cover thoroughly the function and preface of the Running Message Display at the same time is easier to understand as possible.
We hope this reports will be attracter to those who are interested in creating an electronic project by their own hand. Due to its popularity today, decade counter mostly uses in electronic technology as we see in digital clock and others application.
Overall, our project will operate with nine different steps. For example, at fist decode output number 1 will turn on before decode output number 2 and decode number 3 turn on and so on until decode number 9 as last counter before it will be reset. Otherwise, this project includes a lot of electronic component such as capacitor, resistance, I C's, diode and others. Therefore, it is necessary to us discussed a little bit about every component, which is including in this project.
A special effort has been made to include a number of problems with realistic element values. Network scaling also presented in this report Under the chapter of the element function, we will discussed mostly every things about the element such as presenting what is timer I C's, how it is function, how many type that it have, who and how many manufacturer involved in creating the component and many more.
Lastly, at the end of the report we will set together the data sheets. It can be easier to reader who is interesting to know detail about the components included in this project


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