The long duration timer / Mohd Faizal Mohd Saleh and Zainudi Abdul Wahab

Mohd Saleh, Mohd Faizal and Abdul Wahab, Zainudi (1999) The long duration timer / Mohd Faizal Mohd Saleh and Zainudi Abdul Wahab. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


All praise to be ALLAH, the Sustainer of the worlds; and blessing and peace be upon our leader and chief, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, upon his companions, and upon those who followed them with sincerity until the Day of Judgement.
In today’s world, the term digital has become part of our everyday vocabulary because of dramatic way that the digital circuit and digital techniques have become so widely used in almost all areas of live: Computers, automation, robot, medical science and technology, transporting, space exploration and others.
Currently we live in an information age. During everyday of our live, we are provided with a tremendous access to worldwide events. Some of this information, which is received by our sense (sight, sound, etc.) is conditioned, analyzed and finally the brain processes it. For example, light energy is continuously received in this energy is converted into another form and finally it is processed by the brain. The brain than changes the information into a form that can be more easily stored and analyzed.
In electronic, it is very useful to represent or code information such as voltage or current into another form, referred to as digital, as indicated, a brain code into a form, referred to as advantage to analyze and storage. Similarly, the coding of information into a digital code provides a powerful tool to analyze and design a wide range of a complete electronic circuit and system because of their ability to process information quickly.
Digital logic is used in almost every product and technology. For example we took our project, were our project can setting the time we needed at the digital audio and videos by just switch the range of setting time using a IC timer. The output will come out into the LED digital display and oscillator. This project also using some component likes transistor, capacitor and resistor. This can make easy work and comfortable


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