Digi Teacher / Hazura Mohd Hadzir and Zudaidah Abd Rahman

Mohd Hadzir, Hazura and Abd Rahman, Zudaidah (2003) Digi Teacher / Hazura Mohd Hadzir and Zudaidah Abd Rahman. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Digi Teacher is very useful as a teaching aid for the students of digital electronics. It is uses only 4 switches for obtaining 8 functions IC’s such as Quadruple 2 - input NOR gates (7402), Hex Inverter (7404) and the Light Emitter Diode (LED). Rotary' switch are used.
After being through IC’s NOR gates (7402) and INVERTER (7404) this Digi Teacher can show us a various output by move the switch ( S4a and S4b) from the original position. In the NORMAL side, we can get outputs like ( IINVERTER, OR, AND and EX - OR) but after move the switch to another side, means invert the switch (NOT) the gate will give us the different types of output ( Buffer, NOR, NAND and EX - NOR)
As a conclusion by moving the switch (S4a and S4b) from NORMAL side to the NOT side, the user can immediately get negation of the function. It will facilitate to the user to understand the relationship between the various gates.


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