Road routine maintenance / Nur Irina Aminah Mohamed

Mohamed, Nur Irina Aminah (2018) Road routine maintenance / Nur Irina Aminah Mohamed. Industrial Training. Universiti Teknologi Mara, Perak, Seri Iskandar, Perak. (Unpublished)


An Industrial Training is the most important subject among all other subjects throughout 6 semesters in Diploma level of building surveying department students. Students need to go on a training in a real life working surrounding in any related organization. Students in need to use the 4 months well in order to apply what they have been study for the past 5 semesters in their work. At the end of the industrial
training, students are able to understand and able to apply what they studied to the real life working surrounding.
In this report, students will state how the works are really like, how they apply to it and how they take action when problems occur and how they solve it after 5 semesters studying in class. Furthermore, an industrial training report consist of few chapters that will explain the understanding of a student the purposes of industrial training in a programme. throughout their 4 months in industrial training. The first chapter is a summary of history of the organization and the company’s profile. The first chapter explains about the company’s logo, the building view and the location of the company. The chapter also summarise the departments in the company, the organization chart, the vision & mission of the company and also the company’s policy. The second chapter is about the literature review about the road maintenance and the roads in Malaysia. The chapter also explains the about routine maintenance process in JKR Perak Tengah. This chapter also consist the definition of each item of the road routine maintenance activity based on the JKR standard. The third chapter explains about the case study. It shows how the process of each item in the road routine maintenance is adapted in the case study where the real work happens. Then, it came with the example of a pictorial reports to show as a supporting evidence to the process and give a better view about the items and how it is done.


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