ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Bytangan / Erma Mardiana Zanal Abidin

Zanal Abidin, Erma Mardiana (2021) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio: Bytangan / Erma Mardiana Zanal Abidin. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Having an online business shows that there are 3 main aspects that needed to be focused. These are the aspects, teasers, hard selling copywriting and soft sell copywriting. All of the aspects are needed in order to start business because it compliments each other but before starting a business the most important step is to register our business to avoid any illegal business and we have to obey the laws. Moreover, it helps to build customer’s trust towards the brand.
Teasers are used to create suspense and excitement for the customers. This will stimulate our customers' brains like playing a game by having interactive teasers. Teasers like a photo, sneak peak or giving a hint of the product characteristics. At the same time, we can give a reward to those that guess it right such as giving a discount or a special gift. This will give a good image to the brand.
Lastly, there are 2 types of copywriting which are hard selling and soft selling. Hard selling is more focused on generating sales and urges the customers to purchase their product. The characteristics of hard selling are stating the price, a discount, and providing a brief description about the product. Whereas for the soft selling, it is more towards getting more personal with the customers by giving extra information without urging the customers to purchase. Examples of soft selling is sharing the information of Covid-19 cases, fun facts or knowledge regarding a certain topic that suits with the brand image.


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