ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio / Muhammad Amir Fahmi Mohd Hamezan

ID40846 Mohd Hamezan, Muhammad Amir Fahmi (2019) ENT 530 Social Media Portfolio / Muhammad Amir Fahmi Mohd Hamezan. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Chocorice Puncak Alam is the name of my business in social media portfolio. The type of business for my social media portfolio is food. I am selling chocojar. At first, I am not really confident in selling this or even started doing an online business, but with the guidance from the lecturer and also the knowledge that I get from this subject, I put the courage and try to begin doing online business. Finally, I have started my online business by selling chocojar. For the briefly explanation, I get the name of my business as Chocorice Puncak Alam because I am the dropship agent in Puncak Alam area. As we all knows that it is hard to do online business especially when we are a student. But then with the determination that I have, I manage to achieve the target selling at the given time. I am also doing frequent posting on my social media in order to gain more customers. Other than frequent postinq, I am also doing some hard and soft selling in order to attract customers attention. Facebook teaser also helping me to promote my products and designs.


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  • Bilik Koleksi Harta Intelek, Unit Terbitan Bersiri & Elektronik, PTAR Puncak Alam
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