Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300: Soapy Car Wash/ Mohd Durrani Dahlan... [et al.]

Dahlan, Mohd Durrani and Salleh, Muzakkir and Diser, Kleansman and Yusri, Khairul Asyiqin Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT300: Soapy Car Wash/ Mohd Durrani Dahlan... [et al.]. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


People have found ways to wash their cars ever since cars were invented. They either washed it themselves at home, or paid someone else to wash it by hand. Then, in
1914, two Detroit men opened the first car wash business, which they called the “Automated Laundry”, but it was not really automated. It was basically a pail and sponge type of operation where the cars were pushed manually through an assembly- line-like tunnel, where one attendant would soap the car as it went past, another would rinse, and a third would dry. Of course, after pushing a few cars through, the attendants got pretty tired.
Today’s car washes are literally cleaning machines. They not only wash all five sides of the car at once, but scrub tires and wash the undercarriage as well. They are more Eco-friendly, with milder soaps and lower water and electric requirements. Many of the newer car washes even have express tunnels that get your car through quickly, all
of which leads to more clean cars and happier car owners.
Our business is more focusing on car’s washing. Soapy Car Wash will be providing customers with three services. The three services are exterior car washing, interior cleaning and detailing. Meanwhile, interior service is a service where we need labor force. This service needs workers to clean inside the car such as vacuum inside the car. This section also includes the machine in work and need workers to use it’s such as a vacuum. Lastly, detailing services. After the exterior and interior services done, our company also provides service such waxing the some part of the car
components. Waxing is including on body or tyres of the cars. It is to make that part of cars looking new and more shine.
Soapy Car Wash ability is to provide a high quality service to customers. We want to make sure that our customers like our service and will come again after they have tried once. In our analysis, people nowadays have no time to wash their own cars because of working days. Besides that they will need the weekend to have enough rest.


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