Satisfaction of visitor at Tasik Darul Aman, Jitra, Kedah / Mohd Syazuan Adli Shahbudin

Mohd Syazuan Adli, Shahbudin (2020) Satisfaction of visitor at Tasik Darul Aman, Jitra, Kedah / Mohd Syazuan Adli Shahbudin. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


The satisfaction of visitor is really important for recreation park. The facilities and equipment at recreation park usually will be provide by local authority, but there is some issue that have been happen at recreation park. Mostly the problem at recreation park is about facilities, the facilities at there does not give a satisfaction so it will make only a little of visitor came to recreation park. The problem at recreation park cannot be solve simply without do any research and data collect. The urgent of improvement and built need at recreation park in order to attract visitor to came. This research is about satisfaction of visitor at Tasik Darul Aman. In this specifically studies, Tasik Darul Aman is the main recreation park so there are a lot of issue that have been at there, so in this study is about to know the issue at the and to solve the problem because by doing that, it can increase a visitor at Tasik Darul Aman. This research is about data that have been obtained from
questionnaire and observation by internet so help these studies. This studies will use google from as platform for online questionnaire. Mostly the type of data that will include in these questionnaire is scalling question. These scalling question is the type of questionnaire that have been prepared the answer for respondent. The respondent need to answer the question on the scale of given range
of values. Google form is one of the most popular online platform to make a questionnaire because it has advanced data analysis capabilities and it also have many different format. The data that have been get from questionnaire will be evaluating and determine the main issue at Tasik Darul Aman. There are three issue that have been analysis as critical issue at Tasik Darul Aman that are the quantity of facilities at site area does not enough to be used by visitor, parking facilities does not enough for the quantity of visitor and facilities at site area cannot be used by all ages. Then
there are three ways of recommendation to solve these three main issue that are add more facilities at Tasik Darul Aman such as public phone and gazebo, develop new parking area to make the parking facilities enough to be used by visitor and lastly add sport court such as Ping-Pong court and basketball court. By doing these recommendations, it will solve the issue at there in order to
give a satisfaction to visitor that came at Tasik Darul Aman. so after these issue have been solve, it will give more benefit to Jitra Kedah such as people from anywhere will came to Tasik Darul Aman so the local authority need to develop new activity that will more increase the quantity of
visitor to came at Tasik Darul Aman.


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