Business Plan of 'MD2' Pineapple Production / Hanafrey Ayub

Ayub, Hanafrey (2018) Business Plan of 'MD2' Pineapple Production / Hanafrey Ayub. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak.


Pineapple is one of the most demanding fruits across the country with high demand with insufficient supply. Apart from having a good demand on the market, Pineapple plants also belong to plant groups that can withstand drought and can live well in the weather and soil conditions of the country. The yield for pineapple is within 14 months to 17 months and must be replanting to ensure the quality or fruit guarantee. Problem in MD2 pineapple production are limited and very high cost of planting material, limited available land area and high start-up capital. This study was conducted to identify the factors that contributed to the successful and profitable of commercial pineapples production. Data obtained by conducting survey among farmer. One major issue in implemented commercial MD2 pineapple farming is lack of farmer knowledge in marketing especially when come in export market. MD2 pineapple demand in domestic market still not sufficient and at the same time market demands for MD2 pineapple are very huge in China and Middle East countries. In other to overcome the issue, government agencies has introduced various schemes and policy in helping to develop the agricultural industry as one of the contributors to the national economy. Indeed, modern farming is the best agriculture practices to enhance the pineapple productivity. Modern farming are include MYGAP (Malaysian Good Agriculture Practices), High density planting, Staggered planting and hormone induce technique, To boost up the production of MD2 pineapple, government has encouraged private sector to be an anchor in implementing MD2 pineapple farming commercially. In my finding, modern farming methods are very important to carry out a commercial pineapple plantation primarily for foreign markets.


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