Axial load capacity of concrete infill profile steel sheeting dry board wall panel / Mohd Aziza Mustape

Mustape, Mohd Aziza (2008) Axial load capacity of concrete infill profile steel sheeting dry board wall panel / Mohd Aziza Mustape. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


Concrete infill profile steel sheeting dry board wall panel (CI-PSSDBWP) system is a load bearing wall is structurally efficient and economical in transferring loads to the foundation. This study describes an experimental investigation of the behavior of CIPSSDB wall panels under axial load. Two sample namely CI-PSSDBWPA and CIPSSDBWPB constructed with the dimension of 78 mm thickness x 830 mm length x 1000 mm height. The aspect ratio (h/1) and the slenderness ratio (h/t) of both samples are 1.2 and 12.82 respectively. The strength of concrete infill inside the PSSDBWPA and PSSDBWPB are 20.8 N/mm2 and 32.5 N/mm2 respectively determined by Schmidt rebound hammer test. These wall panels are tested under direct axial lone load to monitor structural performance of the wall. It was observed that the final failure modes of the both samples are similar failed under combination of local buckling and crushing. The increment of concrete infill from grade 20 to grade 30 decreased deflection CIPSSDBWP by 43.33 % but increased 58 % ultimate strength capacity. Generally similar crack patterns were observed in both samples, it was observed that increasing on the strength of concrete infill inside the wall panel also increased the first cracking load and the number of crack but the ratio of first crack load over ultimate load remain close to CI-PSSDBWPA. There were an increment of 42% and 95% on modulus of elasticity at location 0.5L and 0.7L by comparing with the modulus elasticity of concrete grad 20 which 571.4 N/mm². The presence of concrete infill inside the PSSDBWP increased 58% of the PSSDB wall panel strength proved that the CI-PSSDBWP has a great otential to be employed as load bearing wall units in buildings. The lateral displacements for the samples were small and the ultimate load capacity were high indicating that the CI-PSSDBWP could be recommended for load bearing wall in domestic building construction.


Item Type: Student Project
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Mustape, Mohd Aziza
Divisions: Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam > Faculty of Civil Engineering
Keywords: Axial load; Concrete infill; Dry board wall panel
Date: 2008
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