To outreach and approach the travellers to engage the uses of first aid kit / Mohamad Fazil Mohamad Kamaruzaman

Mohamad Kamaruzaman, Mohamad Fazil (2015) To outreach and approach the travellers to engage the uses of first aid kit / Mohamad Fazil Mohamad Kamaruzaman. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.


This research aims is to increase the awareness among public especially people who are keep travelling within Malaysia or overseas to engage the uses of first aid kit while travelling in any destination. The target group for this research is 50 random respondents who are exposed in any danger when travelling. The advertisement was used in this research as one the recommendation to increase the level of awareness among the public to encourage them to have a safety travel. The methodologies use for this study case included observation, interview and questionnaire to collect data and measure the level of awareness of public regarding the uses and their knowledge in using first aid kit while travelling. This research has shown that first aid kit can help to prevent the injury to become worst and to avoid the wound from infection while waiting for help to arrive. The use of first aid kit could be implemented in any situation and destination to make the travel safer. This study recommended the travellers to apply and engage the uses of first aid kit in their outdoor activities such as jungle trekking and mountain hiking, travellers are exposed in many type of dangerous and it could be risk their life if there are no safety tips or equipment are prepared before travelling. The result showed that first aid kit was a usefulness equipment to treat any type of injury and wound from infection. It found that first aid kit was very effective in order to save our situation to become more dangerous that could lead to life threatening. By creating campaign awareness it can increase the percentage of first aid kit users among public who often go travelling no matter in group or individual.


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