Effectiveness of interactive multimedia CD-ROM as a guide to house buyers (Case study Klang Valley) / Mohamed Nizam Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz, Mohamed Nizam (2007) Effectiveness of interactive multimedia CD-ROM as a guide to house buyers (Case study Klang Valley) / Mohamed Nizam Abdul Aziz. Masters thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.


Problem Statement: In Malaysia, the subject of housing has become more critical, given the fact that demand exceeds supply. This is true particularly in the urban areas where the population density is high. This soaring demand has been a constant feature in the Malaysian housing industry for the last two decades. Unfortunately, there are buyers who are unaware of the dirty tricks and tactics involved and could be cheated and manipulated by the irresponsible developers. Even today many buyers are unaware and often take their rights for granted. These issues have been repeatedly highlighted in the print media and electronic media. Research Aims and Objectives: The objective of this study is to investigate the current attitudes ofthe public, their awareness of housing issues and their level ofICT usage. The aims is to developed an innovative and appropriate digital application specifically the interactive CD-ROM, to provide society an alternative medium to enhance the awareness of housing issues to the public. Methodology: This research utilizes a set of questionnaire and survey interviewing to gather information on the factors relating to the awareness of information provided by the Ministry of Housing and NGOs. Klang Valley was selected as the research area to evaluate the effectiveness of using CD-ROMs among the major races. The 3 districts surveyed were Hulu Selangor, Petaling and Wilayah Persekutuan. The sampling size for this study is 290 respondents. The data collected was analyzed using SPPS to determine the frequencies and percentages used to profile the respondents. Finding: The study indicated that the level of awareness among the major races is still at a low level. Surprisingly the concept of information implementation by using CD-ROM was acceptable at all level of races. The department of Public Relation in the Ministry ofHousing should consider positively on this finding. However, most of the public users felt that if the Government is to implement the CD-ROM information to the market, they should promote it through exhibitions, electronic media and printing media. Therefore, this should be one of Government's or NGO's initiatives to use information technology to educate the public from all races and levels. The public in rural and urban areas can use the digital application towards lCT initiatives if they are properly introduce and familiar with the technology of new media to enhance their learning process. Success will require support from many parties such as the government, program developers, housing developers and NGO's. Conclusion & Recommendation: Although the Ministry ofHousing recently stepped up their efforts to enhance the awareness of housing information among Malaysians through it's website, the exercise has not been effective as such other alternative new media such as CD-ROMs should be implemented. The vision 2020' calls for the formation of a Malaysia with better quality of life, national integration and unity with this aspiration the Ministry ofHousing and NGO's need to work together to do more research and development to develop local contents, new guidelines and educate the public to be aware with the housing issues.


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