A study of employee deviant behavior towards the organization / Dalila Abdul Ghafar

Abdul Ghafar, Dalila (2010) A study of employee deviant behavior towards the organization / Dalila Abdul Ghafar. [Student Project] (Unpublished)


The deviance behavior is an issue of growing importance in organization because the behavior that violate organizational norms, policies and internal rules. An employee commitment, together with a competent workforce seemed to be of influential importance for organization because much of the socialization into an organization occurs at the workgroup level; individuals who are deviant from the workgroup may be treated differently than those who are similar to existing group members during the entry process. If incoming employees are being treated differently because they don’t fit with existing group members, organizations could face larger pools of alienated new hires. At present, the theoretical linkages between deviance behavior and demographic as variable Therefore, it is the aim of this study to investigate the level of deviance behavior with the independent variables: gender and determine the significant in deviance behavior between each group of employee in Pusat Sukan UKM and finally, determined the predictor variables of deviance behavior. Data were collected from 46 randomly selected administrators from a population of staff Pusat Sukan, using self-administered questionnaires that comprised: (1) demographics (7 items) and (30 items) that measured deviance behavior. Overall, the study revealed that the administrators’ deviance behavior level are moderate and One-way ANOVA test revealed that there was no a significant deviance behavior difference within workload level of administrators. However, only job title variable revealed the significant of deviance difference between level of job title executive, clerk and attendance of clerk increased progressively for each job level. Finally, the study recommends among other things that the organizations should provide a proper training. Firm who do not participate in such strategy may be doomed to similar fates. Remodeling an organization norms attitudes and social values is necessary for the survival of that organization in the face of deviance employees.


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