Revitalization of underutilized space at Kampung Sungai Pusu as vibrant community space through Walkability

Abdul Kadir, Nur Atiqah (2018) Revitalization of underutilized space at Kampung Sungai Pusu as vibrant community space through Walkability. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Puncak Alam Campus.


Today, Kampung sungai Pusu is a real-life issue for many country communities, to which they unsurprisingly react. One of the terms of the inquiry was to review options for better targeting of funding and delivery of public transport services to meet the needs of nonmetropolitan communities, including rural community and health transport needs. The relationship between Kampung sungai Pusu and the city has always been characterized by episodes of conflict. The infrastructure nodes represent the complex society and devoted to the movement, but also a chance to resolve old tensions that are due to a shared space, and to avoid creating poor urban areas between the poor facilities, amenities and the urban environments. The design goal for this project to enhance the walkability of Kampung Sungai Pusu and along Sungai Pusu as an excellent opportunity for revitalization by integrating green walkability as a vibrant community hub. Design objectives fully successful, Kampung Sungai Pusu will be able to improve the walkability and encourage users into a successful public space. To accomplish the goal of this project, there are three objectives includes To improve the walkability through linkages for the institutional user and local community become comfortable to walk hence minimizing the air pollution and traffic congestion.; To create liveable space as a recreational area for the community that encourages people to walk towards a healthy living lifestyle.; and To promote nature environment within a community of Kampung Sungai Pusu and the institutional area towards the quality living of the community. Indirectly, in order to revitalize the area as public space for people through enhance walkability, the transformation process involved which to make is as small part of the Kampung Sungai Pusu in Gombak in line with the design proposal tried to achieved in the future.



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