User interface for networking subject based on component display theory using ADEPT model / Nornisra Ismail

Ismail, Nornisra (2005) User interface for networking subject based on component display theory using ADEPT model / Nornisra Ismail. Degree thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA.


Networking is such a complex subject. Students have to conquer all the topics to score in the networking subject. Particularly, students have to read the book while learning networking subject. They have to read page by page to understand the topics. Unfortunately, most of the students cannot understand or remember what they had read. They are also easily get bored because of the long explanation in textbook. Thus, this user interface is buih to provide alternative ways in learning environment. This user interface is based on Component Display Theory (CDT) and using Advanced design environment for prototyping with tasks (ADEPT) model. This project will focus on user interface for networking subject which is one of the subjects offered in Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Sciences (FTMSK), Mara University of Technology (UiTM). The methodology researcher had used in this user interface are unstructured interview with lecturers regarding e-leaming design, researcher observations and extracting information from journal, articles from internet and magazines. The significants of the project are, this user interface could help students in learning networking subject in an interactive environment and enhance their understanding about the subject and FTMSK UiTM will also get benefit from this user interface by applying it because it can increase student's performance in networking subject. Researcher had also done three user interface with different subject which are Networking, Additional Mathematic and English language. As a result, researcher had found CDT cannot be implemented in non-technical subjects.


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