Reporting the war : Zionist, psychological warfare & media domination / Mokhtar Muhammad

UNSPECIFIED, ed. (2017) Reporting the war : Zionist, psychological warfare & media domination / Mokhtar Muhammad. Professorial Lecture . Penerbit UiTM (UiTM Press), Shah Alam. ISBN 9789673634484

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This Professorial Lecture publication is based on the countless hours of precise and meticulous research and literature in order to offer its readers a clear picture on how the Zionist and pro-Israeli media manipulates and portrays issues which involves their interest as well as how Arabs and Muslim were portrayed by them. A large part of the pro-Israeli propaganda machine has been known to engage in 'war journalism' to ensure the pursuit of Israeli interest at any cost. Although the world media traditionally tries to create an illusion of propagating peace among their audiences, through skewed and biased interpretation, the media can be manipulated and abused to channel and unleash a new type of warfare to influence audiences' perceptions on a global state. With the evident change of order and the shift of balance of power between superpowers of the world, this publication caters not only to actions by the state actors such as the media and deliberate propaganda, but also, to a lesser extent, subjected to non-state associated actors such as for example; terrorism too is being dealt thoroughly. A terror action by any terror group not only sends a Shockwave of causalities in the real world but it too manages to deal a massive blow towards audiences' opinion either to gain moral support or to further instigate fear among the masses for the benefit of the manipulators. The same method has been used by the Zionist to portray themselves as the victim while at the same time slyly cultivating the international audience to understand and manipulated to agree on the legitimacy on their behalf to use extreme measures, commonly with disastrous consequences, to counter any Arab and Palestinian provocation. Making matters worse, the regime without any consent from any international order still continues to occupy Arab lands and illegally create buffer zones all in the false name of safety and security. Most of these extreme out of the norm actions occur through the villainous supervision and coordination of the media itself. The pro-Israeli Zionist media only highlights and portrays the rationality of the Zionist's destructive violence in the lie that is self-defence. Besides the media, another 'engine' of the Zionist Israel propaganda comes from AIPAC where lobbyists who are pro-Israel lobbies US policymakers to uphold and protect Israel interest; often times to the extent of putting priority on Israel rather than America's interest. A clear and venomous political move from AIPAC to shape the geopolitics of the Middle East. This publication gives proper attention on the media; on how the media can be used to promote peace while subtly at the same time develop a false understanding on certain issues from one understanding for the gains of those in power to manipulate.

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