The impact of packaging element towards customer purchasing behavior for Agromas products / Amir Haziq Zaini

Zaini, Amir Haziq (2014) The impact of packaging element towards customer purchasing behavior for Agromas products / Amir Haziq Zaini. Student Project. Faculty of Business and Management, Bandaraya Melaka. (Unpublished)


The research of the impact of packaging towards Agromas product provided by Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority has conducted. The Agromas product cannot be exist without customer. As such, the customer must be the central focus of the organization. This research has been determined whether the element of packaging will give affect toward customer purchasing behavior for Agromas product. In this study, the researcher collects the information from the primary. Objective research conducted because to help FAMA Melaka to improve the packaging of Agromas product and to increase the profit of the company. Other than that, the research conducted also to study the level of customer purchase behavior towards Agromas product. In addition the research is to know the relationship between packaging elements and customer purchase behavior, to investigate the most influence factor and lastly to give recommendation on how to improve the packaging elements for Agromas product. Research also makes observation from website and questionnaire from customer. Besides that, research also used journal, articles and also text book as a secondary data in order to collect all the data. This study will help the FAMA to identify their weakness instead of achieve the high level of customer purchasing behavior towards their packaging elements provided by them. Questionnaires has been distributed to 50 respondents however only 46 respondents reply for the feedback. The research has proved that there are relationships between the packaging elements towards customer purchase behavior. The most influence packaging element is packaging materials. In conclusion the most important packaging element provided by FAMA has been identified because it can improve their productivity, service and also gain more profit.

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